Who won The Wall Endurance Challenge on Big Brother 24?

Julie For BB24
The Big Brother 24 season rolls on with Week 9 action. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 got to visit The Wall on Thursday night, presenting the houseguests with an Endurance Challenge to determine the new Head of Household.

Michael Bruner had to sit this one out after winning the HOH Competition last week, which puts him in a difficult spot as he has to hope that his alliances hold up for another week.

Earlier in the night, it was Daniel Durston who got sent home on Big Brother, making him the fifth person to get eliminated this summer. Now, he has to watch the rest of the season play out online.

Before host Julie Chen Moonves said goodbye to the television audience, she got the new HOH Competition started in the backyard.

Much like many other competitions in the past that have been called The Wall, the point of this challenge was to be the last person standing. It was a battle of endurance, with 10 houseguests perched on the side of a wall that would tilt them.

Everyone left in the game has at least made it to the BB24 jury, but now the maneuvering could get very interesting due to a split house. Will The Leftovers alliance survive? Or could someone on the other side of the house take the power?

Big Brother 24 Endurance Challenge – The Wall

Jasmine Davis fell first, right as the episode was coming to an end. She wasn’t even in the challenge long enough to get messy.

Shortly after the Big Brother live feeds got turned on, Brittany Hoopes was the second person to fall. And a few moments after that, Terrance Higgins became the third houseguest to be eliminated.

Seven people compete in The Wall for HOH

Monte Taylor fell after roughly 30 minutes on The Wall, followed by Alyssa Snider just a few seconds later. That left just five people still competing.

The final five BB24 houseguests in the Endurance Challenge were Matt Turner, Joseph Abdin, Taylor Hale, Indy Santos, and Kyle Capener.

Indy dropped off the wall about 12 minutes later, and then Turner was down a few minutes after her.

When Joseph dropped off, that left just Taylor and Kyle competing to become HOH. It didn’t take much longer for Kyle to tap out.

The Week 6 Head of Household and winner of the Endurance Challenge was Taylor Hale.

The new HOH will host a Nomination Ceremony on Friday (August 12), revealing who will be at risk of becoming the first member of the BB24 jury. And with someone fresh holding the power, anything could happen this week.

Could this be the week Michael Bruner sets the Power of Veto record on Big Brother?

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