‘JasMean’ trends as Big Brother fans tire of Jasmine Davis looking for preferential treatment in house

Jasmine Davis BB24
Jasmine Davis has made it to at least the jury on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

“Jasmean” is now a trending topic on social media due to the behavior of Jasmine Davis on Big Brother 24, and fans have become very tired of her trying to get special treatment for her birthday month.

It’s a new week for the BB24 cast, but that hasn’t stopped Jasmine from speaking negatively about Taylor Hale. Fans are continuing to see it on the Big Brother live feeds, even as Jasmine tries to beg for favors from Taylor.

Last week, Jasmine was asking for HOH Michael Bruner to keep her in the game due to her birthday coming up soon. She didn’t want to be sent home before her birthday arrived on August 17.

Now, Jasmine is using that same birthday to plead for not being on the block, not being forced to be a Have-Not, and to not have to receive a punishment costume during the Week 6 Veto Competition.

And speaking of Jasmine, Daniel Durston blamed her a lot for his behavior in the Big Brother house this summer. Daniel got called out for a lot of things he said to Kat Dunn, but she wasn’t having it, leading to Daniel trying to shift the blame.

Ahead are going to be a few spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, as a lot has happened with the BB24 cast over the past 48 hours.

At the top of the list of important spoilers is the fact that Taylor is the new Head of Household. She gets to call the shots this week, and that includes deciding who is on the block or who could be backdoored. This has Jasmine worried and lashing out. Again.

‘Jasmean’ and BB24 trend on Twitter

Thousands of tweets have been using the term “Jasmean” to describe the current Big Brother houseguest recently, leading to the term trending on Twitter.

And here is a new video clip of Jasmine trying to talk badly about Taylor to Joseph Abdin, but Joseph stood up for Taylor again.

There are also a lot of Big Brother fans hoping that Jasmine ends up with one of the costumes that the show often uses as punishment during competitions.

Big Brother fans want no special treatment for Jasmine’s birthday

Below is an image from Jasmine stating what will happen should anyone possibly give her a punishment during the Week 6 Veto Competition. She wants special treatment during her birthday week.

This followed Jasmine begging Taylor to keep her off the block this week and to not use her as a replacement nominee either.

Some of the houseguests are done with the birthday demands, as shown in the conversation between Michael Bruner and Matt Turner shown below.

The Big Brother live feed subscribers are just about done listening to it as well.

It will be interesting to see if an upcoming episode of the show reveals just how many times Jasmine has brought up her birthday before it arrives.

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1 year ago

Time for Jasmine to go home. She’s annoying at best!