Why did Paloma Aguilar leave Big Brother 24? Possible answers shared

Paloma Aguilar Chatting BB24
Big Brother 24 cast member Paloma Aguilar left the show early. Pic credit: CBS

Paloma Aguilar left the Big Brother 24 cast under a cloud of mystery, opening the door for fans to share a lot of theories about it on social media. During the July 14 episode, Julie Chen Moonves simply stated that Paloma left for “personal reasons,” and it was left at that, for now.

During the show’s first week, Paloma could be seen on the live feeds spreading many stories about fellow houseguest Taylor Hale. There seemed to be a lot of jealousy coming from Paloma, who just couldn’t stop talking about Taylor, no matter who was having a conversation with her.

There are also rumors that someone on the production team spoke with Paloma during a Diary Room session about the backlash that she was receiving on social media due to the way that she was treating Taylor.

One Big Brother producer even expressed disappointment about what was happening, while several former houseguests posted their frustrations on social media.

On the show’s latest episode, Paloma was depicted having an odd conversation with Taylor where she asked if she was being rude. This was right before Julie announced that Paloma had decided to leave the game.

Now, we might have some new information on what happened with Paloma during the 24+ hours that the live feeds were down.

Why did Paloma Aguilar leave Big Brother 24?

A Twitter post was just made by Spoiler Girl, who claims that she has some inside information on why Paloma left the game. This social media account posts a lot about Big Brother and CBS soap operas, but as this is not yet confirmed information from CBS, take it all with a grain of salt.

“Paloma’s meltdown was about Taylor. Production gave her a heads up about what was happening with Taylor, and she began to spiral. The BB Psychiatrist recommended she leave/told her to leave but they want to frame it as she left on her own. #BB24” reads the post that was just made on Twitter.

Spoiler Girl On Paloma
Possible answers to why Paloma left BB24. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Paloma will eventually do Big Brother exit interviews

The exit interviews for the person who was evicted on Thursday night (July 14) were set to take place next week. If that schedule remains intact, we could hear directly from Paloma Aguilar in the near future.

It should be interesting to see what Paloma has to say about her experience on Big Brother 24 and if any of the rumors posted about her online turn out to be correct. No matter how it goes, at least she has some time to rest and go through some recuperation after what appeared to be a difficult experience for her.

For fans who want to jump ahead, here are the Week 2 Veto Competition spoilers. Someone just won the Power of Veto, and the spoilers also cover who won the HOH Competition and who they nominated for eviction.

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2 years ago

She was so jealous of Taylor. I have never seen anybody so devious in my life

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She was having anxiety. She said she was playing up her anxiety up to make her seem harmless. Anyone with anxiety knows there is no playing that up! It’s a real disorder.