Who went home on The Challenge last night? Eliminated competitor reacts to Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 9

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The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast members watch the Episode 9 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies brought forth one of its most entertaining episodes yet as the ninth installment in the series featured veteran cast members trying to survive in the game.

In the previous episode, rookie Priscilla Anyabu shook things up by infiltrating a veteran-veteran team to steal a vet as her partner. The big move made it that there were no longer any rookie-rookie teams.

With that, at least one veteran went into elimination via voting. However, a second vet got sent in due to their fiercely competitive nature. Here’s more about who went home on The Challenge Season 37 last night and one eliminated cast member’s reactions.

Episode 9 elimination featured vets and rookies

In Season 37, Episode 9 of The Challenge, viewers finally saw the veteran alliance scrambling amongst themselves to figure out who to put into elimination.

It seemed to come down to a battle between Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton, who both felt they had targets on their backs due to not having as many supporters within the veteran alliance.

While Ashley and Cory got into an argument during deliberation, it ended up being Cory with the bigger target on his back due to seeming to work with several rookies. That included his partner Bettina Buchanan, Priscilla, and Jeremiah White.

Cory and Bettina ended up getting the most votes to go in as the Compromised Agents. From there, it was time for The Agency to determine their opponents. They opted to send in the showmance couple of Amber Borzotra and Jeremiah.

Their elimination event involved strategic teamwork in balancing together on a tilted beam to quickly get puzzle pieces from one platform to another. The first team to get all their pieces across and correctly solve the puzzle would win.

While it seemed to be moving in favor of athletes Jeremiah and Amber, they ultimately became fatigued and in pain from straining their bodies to balance on the beam. Meanwhile, Cory and Bettina persevered and came up with a new strategy to move the pieces across.

As Jeremiah and Amber kept struggling, it gave Cory and Bettina the advantage, and ultimately they solved their puzzle first. That meant they survived in the game while Jeremiah and Amber bid farewell to their castmates.

Jeremiah reacts to Episode 9 and his elimination

Following the airing of Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 9, Jeremiah White hopped onto his Instagram for a live chat with some castmates and his followers. Among his castmates joining the IG Live were Ed Eason, Priscilla Anyabu, and Nelson Thomas.

During the chat, Jeremiah and Ed discussed the daily mission’s intense nature, which Jeremiah said he enjoyed over the puzzle challenges. They also talked about the deliberation, with Jeremiah saying he came out of The Challenge with “trust issues.”

Jeremiah told Ed that Logan spoke to him ahead of the elimination to let him know he was probably going in. However, Jeremiah said he didn’t realize that Logan was doing some “sneaky stuff.”

Nelson Thomas joined the IG Live and asked Jeremiah what the toughest part of the elimination was.

“Bro, my back was on a thousand,” Jeremiah said, adding that people don’t “realize how hard that elimination was” due to him being “way heavier than Amber.”

“My back was screaming the whole time, bro, because trying to hold her up and balance myself,” Jeremiah told his castmates.

He went on to say his back was hurting for two days following the elimination because of the strategy they used. Unfortunately, that strategy didn’t work out, as it involved him trying to carry Amber’s weight across the beam. Due to that, he said they “literally couldn’t do it” anymore, which allowed Cory and Bettina to win.

During the IG Live, Jeremiah, Ed, and Priscilla also brought up the twist that host TJ Lavin revealed. After they won the elimination, TJ told Cory and Bettina to go back up to the stands instead of deciding on teammates, which was a twist they didn’t see coming.

“You had a hell of a season,” Ed told Jeremiah before they ended their chat.

“Let’s hope we have another one, man,” the former Love Island cast member replied, adding he’s ready now that he’s seen what castmates were doing behind the scenes.

More than a few rookies will likely get calls to appear in future seasons of The Challenge, with Season 38 rumored to begin filming within the next several months and possibly air in early 2022.

So far, Amber Borzotra hasn’t reacted to the events of Episode 9. As of this report, the Double Agents champion has been silent on social media but may give her thoughts in some upcoming posts.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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