The Challenge: Amber Borzotra fires back at critics saying she ‘changed after Double Agents’ win

amber borzotra fires back at castmates saying she changed
Amber Borzotra fired back at her critics, who said she changed since her Double Agents win. Pic credit: MTV

When The Challenge: Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra showed up in the second episode of Spies, Lies & Allies, some castmates were immediately worried.

She became partners with Josh Martinez, making Amber think she was good with the Big Brother alliance despite last season’s issues.

It turned out she wasn’t, and some of her castmates, including Kaycee Clark and Fessy Shafaat, wanted to get rid of her before she might go after them. So she was someone they weren’t necessarily going to protect, once again.

Some castmates may have also felt Amber changed since her big victory with CT Tamburello on Double Agents.

She recently fired back at that notion when a website indicated she was one of several Challenge stars who changed since winning on the show.

Amber Borzotra reacts to claim she ‘changed’ since Double Agents

A recent article via Stop Being Polite looked at 10 Challenge stars who have changed since winning on MTV’s reality competition series.

Among them were multiple-time champions Wes Bergmann, Cara Maria Sorbello, Ashley Mitchell, and CT Tamburello. Amber Borzotra, who won Double Agents with CT, is also on the list.

The report indicates that castmates said, “Amber is different now that she won Double Agents.” It doesn’t mention specific names, but that most likely refers to a few veterans such as Kaycee and Fessy. Both seemed intent on getting rid of her in Episode 4.

When Stop Being Polite shared a tweet of their article suggesting that Kaycee said Amber changed, the Double Agents winner fired back with her reply.

“Wrong! Not one thing changed about me..Ask the people close to me if you’re reaching for facts. And how about y’all try living with a house full of bullies and haters. I’m sure you’ll find your voice and stick up for yourself too,” Amber said in her tweet.

stop being polite tweet amber borzotra replies
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Twitter

Some of Amber’s newer critics included rookies Esther Agunbiade and Berna Canbeldek, who both had words or incidents with her in Spies, Lies & Allies episodes. Esther and Berna were both sent into elimination and went home, with the Double Agents champ still in the game.

During her talk with Johnny Bananas for his Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast episode, she mentioned that she was working on standing up for herself more.

Amber mentioned to Bananas she’d reached out to Esther and Berna upon seeing some of the episodes and told them she was available to talk if they felt they needed to discuss any issues they had with her.

He told her that being amicable in a game where others do what they can to manipulate won’t work out too well.

Fans react to The Challenge star’s tweet reply

Amber has her share of supporters online, who replied to her tweet in which she defended herself from the critics.

Fans suggested Amber should just ignore her critics as they’ll always be there no matter what she does.

One fan told Amber she needs to stay away from the Big Brother alliance in future seasons, which seems like what she’ll do going forward.

fan of the challenge replies to amber tweet about critics
Pic credit: @MTVsChallenges/Twitter

One fan suggested in their reply that the one who changed was Kaycee as she became a “mini-Fessy” after recent seasons.

fan of the challenge tells amber that kaycee changed
Pic credit: @MTVsChallenges/Twitter

One individual mentioned that the issues castmates seemed to have with her involved Amber reminding everyone she was “blindsided” at elimination in Episode 4 and that she won Double Agents.

fan of the challenge replies amber tweet about castmate issues
Pic credit: @MTVsChallenges/Twitter

Amber seems to have her critics but also plenty of supporters. Luckily, some of those supporters are also veteran castmates, including Josh Martinez, CT, and her other Double Agents teammate, Darrell Taylor.

Castmates will likely continue to see her as a threat in future seasons, based on her experience running in and winning a final. With more seasons, Amber will probably gain even more confidence in facing her critics and moving past them for more success.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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