Who was nominated by new HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

Final 7 CBB3 HOH
A new Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household was crowned in an Endurance Challenge. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 spoilers now reveal who the new Head of Household just nominated for eviction.

Late on Friday evening, the celebrities played in an Endurance Challenge, with the HOH crown on the line.

Earlier in the night, Chris Kattan was shown quitting the show and Chris Kirkpatrick was voted out unanimously.

Chris Kirkpatrick got shaded by a former houseguest after his eviction, with the sentiment being that he didn’t live up to how he said he was going to play the game.

That left six people playing for the HOH as outgoing HOH Miesha Tate watched on.

Carson Kressley had the stamina to win the familiar wall challenge, guaranteeing that he won’t be a nominee this time around.

Who did Carson nominate for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

It was a chaotic Saturday in the Big Brother house as Carson Kressley and his closest ally, Cynthia Bailey, tried to figure out who they could trust. Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate pushed hard to get them to turn on Shanna Moakler, saying she wanted Carson out immediately, despite Shanna just saving Carson from the block with her Power of Veto.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Carson Kressley was presented with a difficult choice, but that’s where we are at in the game, where the final seven HOH can secure a strong alliance and set the tone for how the rest of the season can play out.

Unofficially, it looks like Carson nominated Todd Bridges and Miesha Tate for eviction. We are saying unofficially, because nobody actually stated those words on the feeds (yet). The Big Brother live feeds kept cutting out during important chats, so this information is pieced together from several conversations.

The first conversation was when Todd said he is playing for the Power of Veto. Since they haven’t selected players, he would have to be nominated for a spot in the Veto Competition. And then he discussed with Miesha about how they should both be packing. Confirmation of everything will be provided on the February 13 episode, if not before then.

This indicates that Carson honored his deal with Todrick Hall from the HOH Competition that he would be safe if he dropped out. And for most of the day, Miesha and Todrick have been pushing the narrative that Carson needs to get Shanna out, despite Shanna just saving him. This could all lead to a messy Veto Competition on Sunday.

More from the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season

There has been a bit of drama outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house due to what is taking place on social media.

Former houseguest Teddi Mellencamp said Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend sent her DMs, leading to a bit of a buzz on social media as Shanna continued to do well in the game.

And now, Shanna’s boyfriend is expressing some jealousy, as he reportedly has accused Shanna of flirting with Lamar Odom on the Big Brother live feeds.

Despite seven people being left in the game, the schedule of episodes for BB Celeb is starting to really wind down. In less than two weeks, we will all learn the name of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 winner as they head home with a $250,000 prize.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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