Big Brother alum Kat Dunn shades Chris Kirkpatrick’s early BB Celeb eviction

Chris Kirkpatrick CBB3 Eviction
Chris Kirkpatrick finished in eighth place on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 houseguest Kat Dunn has been sharing many thoughts about the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season, which continued on Friday night.

After getting placed on the block next to Cynthia Bailey, Chris Kirkpatrick was evicted, bringing an end to his quest to win the $250,000 prize. During his short time in the game, a fan-favorite, he went from a power position to an early evictee.

When Shanna Moakler decided to use the Power of Veto to save Carson Kressley from the block, Miesha Tate agreed that she would put Chris up on the block. The celebrities then evicted him unanimously.

Now, Chris will have a lot of time to think about where he went wrong as he waits to help vote for the Celebrity Big Brother winner as a jury member. Until then, people are sharing their thoughts on how Chris played the game.

Kat Dunn shades Chris Kirkpatrick’s Big Brother gameplay

“Chris Kirkpatrick came on Big Brother as a self proclaimed fan, acknowledged that one of his favorite players was Jackson Michie ?, wants to play a cutthroat game, but doesn’t want to lie to people’s faces??? The math isn’t adding up here #CBBUS3,” Kat Dunn posted to Twitter right before Chris got voted out.

Kat Dunn On Chris Kirkpatrick
Kat Dunn posts about Chris Kirkpatrick. Pic credit: @itskathryndunn/Twitter

When Chris won the second Head of Household Competition of the season, it seemed like he had set himself up well within the house, but he didn’t play his cards right in a lot of chats that took place while he was in power.

At the same time, Shanna Moakler has been making real power moves in the house, winning another Power of Veto and saving Carson Kressley at the Veto Meeting. If she can find a way to win Head of Household at some point, it’s possible that she could wind up being the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 winner.

More from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

After the eviction of Chris Kirkpatrick, only seven people are left trying to win the $750,000 prize. There are several upcoming evictions on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 episode schedule, so a winner isn’t far from being determined.

As a reminder, everyone gets paid to play on Celebrity Big Brother, so even the early evictees get a nice appearance fee. It’s unclear if Chris Kattan will get paid after quitting, but Kattan has already resurfaced on social media.

For fans who want to learn something really humorous, Lamar Odom made another shocking revelation about something he didn’t realize takes place on Big Brother. Has he ever even watched an episode of the show? Or is this all a ploy to remain under the radar?

And here are some BB Celeb spoilers about who won the Endurance Challenge that just took place. It was a hard-fought battle on the Big Brother live feeds that left a new person in charge of nominations.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs during February 2022 and Big Brother 24 airs during Summer 2022 on CBS.

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