Who are the Big Brother 23 final two houseguests?

Julie Chen Finale Night BB23
Julie Chen Moonves helped wrap up the Summer 2021 season of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

The long Big Brother 23 season led to three members of The Cookout all making it to the season finale in the house.

Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather worked to get Kyland Young evicted and he finished in fourth place.

It left the trio competing against each other in the final Head of Household Competition of the summer. And it also meant that some drama could surface based on who got voted out in third place.

Xavier won Part 1 of the final HOH competition, and then, early in the season finale, Big Brother fans were shown that Azah had won Part 2.

This meant that Xavier and Azah would face off in Part 3 of the final HOH Competition to determine who would become the final Head of Household for the summer.

Who made it to the Big Brother final two this summer?

Xavier won Part 3 of the final HOH Competition over Azah. This meant that Xavier was automatically in the final two and that he got to choose if it would be Azah or Derek sitting next to him in front of the BB23 jury.

Xavier picked Derek Frazier to go to the final two of Big Brother 23. One of them is going to be the winner of the season.

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