Big Brother recap: Time to reveal the BB23 cast final three

Xavier And Azah BB23
The Big Brother 23 cast worked its way down to the final three. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 34 finally revealed who was going to make it to the final three this season.

Coming into this episode, Xavier Prather was holding all of the power in the house. During the last episode of Big Brother, viewers saw as Xavier won the Power of Veto.

Since Xavier was also the Head of Household, it meant he had complete control over who would be on the block and who would have the only vote at the Eviction Ceremony for the week.

Now, it was time to find out what he was going to do with the Power of Veto and who he would give the power to when it came to the eviction vote.

Big Brother 23, Episode 34 recap

The episode picked up after the Veto Competition and showed a lot of chats going on between the final four houseguests. Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier all wanted the other houseguests to know how good their personal resumes were for the summer.

We also finally got to see the arguments between Azah and Derek F as they debated about who had played the better game. Derek F was also really adamant that he was the one who “saved” Azah this summer and he claimed she would already be gone if not for him.

A long BB23 jury segment

Tiffany Mitchell was shown arriving at the BB23 jury house. She was the first member of The Cookout to get there and she was welcomed with a lot of smiles by the first five jury members. Tiffany then showed video footage of what had happened to her during the week.

The jurors were very surprised that Kyland had taken out Tiffany. One person who said she was “angry” was Claire Rehfuss, who didn’t understand Kyland’s gameplay.

Tiffany then told everyone about The Cookout and how the final six houseguests had all been playing together. It led to Claire calling Tiffany “iconic” with how things were set up and Derek Xiao said she would have won if she made it to the final two.

Hannah Chaddha was then shown arriving at the jury house, revealing that it was Azah who had worked to get her out of the game. The first six members of the BB23 jury were extremely surprised that Azah didn’t take out Kyland or Xavier instead of Hannah.

The Final BB23 Veto Ceremony

Xavier hosted the final Veto Ceremony of the summer. He decided to not use the Power of Veto, meaning Kyland and Azah would remain on the block. The nominees gave their speeches about wanting to stay in the game and then it was time for the eviction vote.

Derek Frazier voted to evict Kyland Young.

Kyland did not take it well and he got into an argument with Xavier about not getting a head’s up that he was about to get blindsided. Julie Chen Moonves had to ask Kyland repeatedly to leave the house and it got heated for a few moments.

The Big Brother 23 final three houseguests are Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum.

Kyland went out and had a brief chat with Julie before he saw his goodbye messages from the rest of the houseguests.

Wrapping up Big Brother 23, Episode 34

The first part of the final Head of Household Competition did not get started, but that will likely take place sometime later in the evening. Expect some Big Brother spoilers to come from the feeds about who has won Part 1 of the final HOH.

Julie also had an announcement to make about America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer. The winner is going to receive $50,000 this summer based on who America chooses. Voting is now open for AFH and Big Brother fans can weigh in.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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