Big Brother live feeds: Derek Frazier feels he is an All-Star, fights with Azah Awasum about carrying her

Derek Frazier BB23 Celebration
Derek Frazier has a lot of confidence in the way that he has played Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have provided a lot of interesting comments from Derek Frazier and even include a heated discussion he had with Azah Awasum about everything he claims he has done for her this season.

Derek F. has made it to the final four of the Big Brother 23 season. Though he hasn’t really won any competitions (he did when cash during a Veto Competition), Derek F now has a strong shot at making it to the final three.

To his credit, he has survived being on the block numerous times, but a lot of that credit also has to go to the rest of The Cookout alliance for watching his back. Would he have lasted this long if not for his strong alliance? Some Big Brother fans don’t think so.

And now, Derek F. is speaking quite frequently on the Big Brother live feeds about how well he feels that he has played the game and what he wants to do when the season comes to an end.

Derek Frazier on Big Brother All-Stars and The Challenge

Derek Frazier feels that he has been such a strong player that he will get invited back for a future season of Big Brother All-Stars. He even talked about returning as a coach, but additionally noted that if he was just returning for a regular season, that he wanted immunity for the first few weeks (like Paul Abrahamian got on Big Brother 19).

Big D also sees himself competing on future seasons of The Challenge at MTV. That’s another reality competition show where quite a few former houseguests have gone to compete. Some people we have seen on The Challenge are Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez, Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark, and three-time player Da’Vonne Rogers.

Could Derek Frazier become the Big Brother 23 winner?

We are going to address a few spoilers in this section of the article. These spoilers have also come from the live feeds, where the final three houseguests from the BB23 cast have already been revealed.

Xavier Prather is the Head of Household and he also won the Power of Veto for the week. The plan is for Xavier to take Derek F and Azah Awasum with him to the final three. That would make Kyland Young the latest member of the BB23 jury.

Derek Frazier feels that his resume is strong enough to win Big Brother 23 and he definitely has a good shot at sitting in one of the final two chairs. If the final two did end up being Xavier and Derek F, could bitter members of the BB23 jury actually give Derek F. the win? We will have to stay tuned to find out.

As for Derek F. himself, he seems to have a very high level of confidence and he definitely thinks that he is going to have a lot of support in the America’s Favorite Houseguest voting. He recently told Azah that he protected her and helped carry her for most of the summer and that was why she didn’t end up on the block. She bristled at some of his comments.

Make sure not to miss any of the upcoming Big Brother episodes on CBS, as we might get to see some of these conversations where Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum debate about which one of them was the best Big Brother player.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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2 years ago

worst most boring and racist cast ever aired on tv. yawn.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If a white person would have done what they did we would be called all kinds of racist.Ill not ever watch again!!

2 years ago

“worst most boring and racist cast ever aired on tv. yawn.” Wish I’d said that! SO TRUE!!