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Big Brother spoilers: Who makes the final three from BB23 cast?

Xavier BB23 HOH
Xavier Prather has a plan to make it to the final three of Big Brother 23 with his pals. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from this weekend point to a specific final three scenario that might not have been expected.

Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Azah Awasum all made it to the final four, with the quartet battling it out for spots in the final three on finale night.

As Big Brother fans saw on the last episode, Xavier won the Head of Household Competition to secure a spot in the final three. He then nominated Azah and Kyland for eviction.

Over the weekend, Xavier also won the Power of Veto, meaning he would get to keep the power in his hands. He was also able to dictate what would happen next.

Big Brother spoilers: Xavier chooses his final three

Based on conversations that have taken place on the Big Brother live feeds, it appears that Kyland Young is about to get evicted. This means that Kyland will finish in fourth place this season and he will become the eighth member of the BB23 jury.

How did we get to this point? Xavier wants to cut Kyland before Kyland can cut him. Xavier sees getting Kyland out as the safest route forward and his best chance to win the $750,000 on Big Brother finale night.

Big Brother fans may be a tad disappointed here, but Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum are about to make it all the way to the end of the Big Brother 23 season.

More news and notes about Big Brother 2021

The official Veto Ceremony will take place at some point on Monday (September 20), where the final nominees for the week will be settled. It looks like Xavier is about to keep the nominations the same and allow Derek Frazier to be the only person who has a vote this week.

Derek F. was not sure he wanted to vote Kyland out at first, but when Azah suggested that she would be willing to do it if Xavier took her off the block, Derek F. became more than willing to do what the HOH has requested.

Now that we have reached this point of the game, where Xavier is going to intentionally take the weaker players with him to the final three, it will be very interesting to see how Big Brother fans view his choices. There could certainly be some people rooting for a final two of Azah and Derek F. if Xavier really makes that call.

Things could still change in the days leading up to the next Eviction Ceremony, but it sure would be interesting to be watching the BB23 jury roundtable as the first seven jurors see Kyland join them.

Make sure to remember that a lot of the Big Brother schedule has changed at CBS over the next two weeks, so episodes are airing at different times with the Fall 2021 schedule beginning.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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15 thoughts on “Big Brother spoilers: Who makes the final three from BB23 cast?”

    • Dude, let’s turn the tables for a minute or so. Let’s say that there was an all-white alliance put together AND THEY LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT THEY WERE PUTTING THEIR ALLIANCE TOGETHER BASED ON RACE. WHAT THE F*&? DO YOU THINK WOULD BE GOING ON RIGHT NOW?????? THERE WOULD BE OUTRAGE, BOYCOTTS, SHOUTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND IN THE STREETS, RIOTS, AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. Don’t even go there because color WAS NEVER THE REASON FOR ANYONE, I REPEAT, ANYONE BEING EVICTED. You and all the other libtard anti-white racists are making it to be a problem. THE PROBLEM NEVER EXISTED, BUT NOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM. THIS SEASON IS SO BLATANTLY RACIST, IT’S NOT FUNNY. With that being said, I have always wanted Xavier to win. So, shut your stupid ignorant mouth, take off those rose-colored glasses, and accept the fact that people of color in the past lost for no other reason than others playing the game and finding the INDIVIDUAL PERSON to be a threat or a floater. I AM SO FREAKING SICK AND TIRED OF THE SCENARIO BEING VOMITED ON US THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE SOMEHOW OPPRESSED OR HAVE FEWER FREEDOMS IN OUR COUNTRY. THAT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. LIFE IS NOT FAIR FOR ANYONE. IT’S WHAT THE INDIVIDUAL MAKES IT TO BE.

      • first black winner?! LOL.. n please.

        “Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Big Brother,’ Becomes U.S. Version’s First Black Winner” – this was the headline See-BS and the media were peddling in 2019… there can only be a first one time ya delusional buffalo soldier hypocrite.

        • literally there have been hundreds of black winners, as well as hispanic, women, asian, gay etc etc etc. if ya wanna play a game with an all black cast with all black alliance and a black winner every season, perhaps you should apply to BB africa? dint think so. buffalo soldier hypocrites.

    • name one season, any season where a black person was voted out first? you cant because it never happened and the reason it never happened is because even if they lost and deserved to be voted out, white people felt bad for them and didnt out of kindness. now you take advantage of that kindness, as is true in the real 3d world, as wee saw in this season. if it were a level playing field with no racism allowed, most of the blacks would have been voted out pre-jury simply because they lost challenges and had bad attitudes.

      cbs now has no choice but to cancel the show (this season has the lowest ratings in bb history BTW) or stack the “deck” with blacks etc and fill the white people slots with total naive spineless dimwits.. otherwise, it will be a bloodbath.. just like in the real 3d world. karma is a bitch heh. now go learn some history snowflake.

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  1. now take the fact that 6 players worked their way to finial 6 being all of color.
    this was great game play. now it is big brother 101. take the ones you can beat
    to finial 3. a poon, a floater and a comp non-winner and you win. now america
    vote will be for tiffany. she mastermined it all and then the lawyer ran with it. throwing
    comps and flying low. normally you ditch good players along the way with the 2 person
    or up to 4 person group. working for a “cause” made things different. this will not
    not repeat itself again. make the game about the game. its never been about race.
    only the game.


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