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Big Brother 23 recap: The final Power of Veto results revealed

Xavier Final Four BB23
Xavier Prather had another successful episode of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 33 arrived and viewers got to see what happened after Xavier Prather made his nominations for eviction.

Xavier had become the final four Head of Household after winning another competition. He then decided to nominate Kyland Young and Azah Awasum for eviction.

Everyone knew that the upcoming Veto Competition could decide everything for the week, so the nominations didn’t mean everything.

If things ended up staying the same, though, Derek Frazier would be the only person voting at the next Eviction Ceremony.

Big Brother 23, Episode 33 recap

Azah spoke a lot during a Diary Room session about being on the block and also being unsure how safe she was in the house. When she went to talk to Derek F about it, he started throwing Kyland under the bus. She asked him if he had a deal with Kyland, and he lied by denying it. He then admitted to having a final two deal with Xavier.

Derek talked with Kyland a bit later to find out if he was safe with him, but Kyland went into one of his long speeches where he never answered the question. Derek was immediately worried about his relationship with Kyland and that would be important later in the episode.

A special viewing of CSI: Vegas

Since he won the HOH Competition, Xavier also got a private screening for the season premiere of CSI: Vegas. CBS has brought back the show for a special season and it debuts in October. Xavier then invited Azah to join him and they had fun watching the premiere episode.

The final Veto Competition of the summer

Xavier, Kyland, Derek F, and Azah had to compete for the Power of veto in a take on the seesaw challenges we have seen before.

Kyland was the first person eliminated from the Veto Competition. Azah was the second one out, leaving just Xavier and Derek F competing for the Power of Veto.

Xavier then won the Power of Veto, keeping the control in his hands and giving him the chance to pick who sits with him in the final three this season.

We didn’t find out what happens at the Veto Ceremony, as that will take place “live” during the September 23 episode of the show. If Xavier keeps the nominations the same, then Derek F will vote out either Kyland or Azah. That person will become the eighth member of the BB23 jury.

Looking forward on Big Brother 23

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 33 recap. If you want to know what will happen with the Veto Ceremony, we have those Big Brother live feeds spoilers here.

Also, recent evictee Alyssa Lopez just did a jury interview that can be watched here. She answers some new questions and gives more insight into how she feels that she played the game this summer.

Here is a look at the rest of the Big Brother TV schedule this summer.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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    As for the first black winner, first of all, it was the US media, literally the entire media, rejoicing over Tamar Braxton winning BB USA in 2019. Do a search and see for yourself, the headlines in 2019 were the same as they are today in 2021, and I quote: “Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Big Brother,’ Becomes U.S. Version’s First Black Winner”. Not my words, but the words of the the very same media networks that are sensationalizing this absurdity again today. Big Brother is Big Brother is Big Brother, “celebrity” or not, they’re playing the exact same game, same house, same rules, same host and runs every year. Bottom line, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim a first in history twice. Only in America.

    Secondly, Big Brother is not a US show. CBS does not own Big Brother, they license it. If looking at the entire BB franchise history, indeed there have already been hundreds of black winners. Women. Asian. POC. Whites. Gay. All of the above. I personally watched the Canada and Australia versions in 2021, both of which had black winners. Neither of which achieved the win based on any racist alliances or even so much as a mention of skin color – they did so on their own individual merit – the way the game is meant to be played.

    CBS clearly has violated the BB franchise as well as their very own rules for this season and this season only. Why is that? It is a disgusting double standard and this is why people are ticked off. Also, if a white man ever called a black women “F**k that B**ch!”, not once, but multiple times and then proceeded to confront and threaten her, he would have been yanked from the show immediately (they have done this in past seasons already) and the black community as well as US media would have gone completely bonkers over it. But because the perpetrator is black and gay, none of that happened did it. In fact, nothing at all was said or done about it! Somehow he is immune to accountability. This is even more reason why people are ticked off.

    Ultimately, this season, which has the lowest ratings of any season of BB USA, has set a new precedent, a dangerous one, opening the door to race wars in future seasons that inevitably will be the downfall of the US version of the game and further damage race relations in America. If that is even possible, considering just how bad it is today. Lets face it, racism is big business in America. People, majority of which are dark skinned, are going to propagate and profit from it to no end. Pathetic as it may be, without anti-white racism, tens of millions would have no income and no purpose in life.

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    Big Brother US and CBS are despicable for not only allowing, but encouraging such reprehensibly disgusting behavior.

    100% human
    100% impartialence!


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