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Big Brother spoilers about Veto Ceremony revealed on live feeds

Xavier And Kyland BB23
Xavier Prather and Kyland Young made it to the final four of the Big Brother 23 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have revealed what will take place at the Veto Ceremony.

There are only four people left in the game and the Veto Ceremony will give Big Brother fans the answer about who is going to be in the final three this season.

For readers who don’t know already, Xavier Prather won the Power of Veto. It was another competition victory for him as Xavier continues to build his resume this season.

A lot of discussions took place on the Big Brother live feeds and Xavier met with each of the other three remaining BB23 cast members (Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Kyland Young). And then Xavier revealed his plan, and since Xavier is the HOH (he nominated Kyland and Azah), he continues to hold all the power.

What will Xavier do at the final Big Brother 23 Veto Ceremony?

The last Veto Ceremony of the season is typically saved for the final four Eviction Ceremony. This means it won’t be until the Thursday, September 23 episode of the show where the Big Brother spoilers get confirmed.

As it stands, Xavier plans to keep his nominations the same. He met with Derek F. and Azah and laid out a plan where they will be going to the final three with him. The trio then spent several days complaining about Kyland’s gameplay this season.

Xavier also has a backup plan in case he gets nervous about what Derek F. might do at the Veto Ceremony. Should he get worried, Xavier will use the Power of Veto to save Azah so that she can be the one to vote out Kyland.

Big Brother 23 winner to be decided soon

We are getting down to the final few episodes on the Big Brother TV schedule this summer. That means it is nearly time for the BB23 jury to step in and decide who is going to win the $750,000 prize.

On the Big Brother live feeds, Derek Frazier has been bragging about his gameplay this season. He feels that he has done as much as anyone in the game this summer and that he definitely has a good enough resume to win the season. His confidence is really high in that regard, especially after so many Big Brother fans gave him BB Bucks votes.

It could get very interesting if Derek F. or Azah find a way to win Part 3 of the final Head of Household Competition and then decide to send Xavier packing. It could make for a really intriguing episode of Big Brother 23 if the final two ended up being Derek F. and Azah.

Before the month of September comes to an end, we will know the name of the Big Brother 23 winner. Then, it will be time to start looking forward to the next new season of the show.

CBS renewed Celebrity Big Brother for Winter 2022, so it won’t be much longer until we see a new group of houseguests walking through the front doors. There are already some online rumors about the BB Celeb 3 cast.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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