Alyssa Lopez does new Big Brother jury house interview

Alyssa Lopez On BB23
Alyssa Lopez finished in seventh place on the Big Brother 23 season. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother jury house is filling up lately. And one of the latest BB23 jury members — Alyssa Lopez — did a new interview where she answered some more questions about her time in the game.

Alyssa finished the Big Brother 23 season in seventh place after she got evicted during the second part of a Double Eviction night. Claire Rehfuss was evicted earlier that same evening and Hannah Chaddha was the Head of Household that sent Alyssa to the jury.

For most of the season, Alyssa was blind to the bigger alliance that was controlling the game (The Cookout), which led her to try to continue working closely with Xavier Prather and even protect him any chance she got.

Alyssa already did an extended interview as she left the game, but now that she has had time to digest what took place this summer, she is back to answer some new questions from the jury house.

Alyssa Lopez’s Big Brother jury house interview

Below is a video interview that Alyssa Lopez did from the BB23 jury house. She can be seen relaxing in a bathing suit and enjoying a popsicle as she talks to Big Brother fans.

“It definitely sucks knowing that I’m not winning Big Brother this year but I will say I was nominated Week 1, and I made it to Juror No. 5, so, I’m pretty proud of myself,” Alyssa says as she answers her first question.

Later, Alyssa addresses whether or not she was surprised to get evicted when she did, as well as some other interesting topics. Alyssa’s fans should definitely check out what she has to say about the Big Brother 2021 season.

More Big Brother coming soon

Even though we are running out of Big Brother 23 episodes on the schedule, there is a ray of sunshine off in the distance.

It was recently revealed that CBS has renewed Celebrity Big Brother for a Winter 2022 season. This means it will only be a few months after the conclusion of Big Brother 23 before we see a new group of houseguests meeting with host Julie Chen Moonves.

An exact start date for Celebrity Big Brother 3 hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will likely take place during the month of February. Once the winner of this season has been decided by the BB23 jury, we expect to hear a lot of additional celebrity names getting linked to the program.

It seems that some viewers are confusing the celebrity edition with the All-Stars edition, but they are completely different. All-Stars brings back former houseguests who have played during the summer seasons, whereas the celebrity version brings in people not associated with Big Brother.

Make sure to keep tuning in for the new episodes of Big Brother 23, as it won’t be long until we find out who wins the $750,000 cash prize. The cast is down to just Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum, and one of them is going to be named the BB23 winner.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021