Big Brother extended interviews with Claire Rehfuss, Alyssa Lopez released with goodbye messages

Alyssa Last BB23 Day
Alyssa Lopez was evicted from the Big Brother 23 house in seventh place. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother extended interviews for Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez have been released. It gives fans even more insight into how the ladies feel about their experience on Big Brother 23 this summer.

Host Julie Chen Moonves met briefly with Claire and Alyssa during the Big Brother Double Eviction episode, but once the dust had settled, she sat down with them again for some more questions.

It was clearly an emotional time for Claire and Alyssa, but for different reasons. Claire knew that she was getting evicted, so she had an acceptance within her sadness that her time in the game was over. Alyssa, on the other hand, seemed shell-shocked that she wasn’t a part of the final six.

These interviews are definitely worth watching because Claire and Alyssa developed some very strong bonds with members of The Cookout, but now they are heading to the BB23 jury house where they will start debating who should be the Big Brother 2021 winner.

Big Brother extended interview for Claire Rehfuss

Claire finished Big Brother 23 in eighth place and has stated that she will vote for Tiffany Mitchell to win this season if she makes it to the very end. She spoke at length with Julie about how any fans who haven’t understood what is happening this season should take a moment to listen to what the remaining houseguests have to say.

Claire also got to see her goodbye messages from the rest of the BB23 cast.

Big Brother extended interview for Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa had a much shorter extended interview with Julie, but she did talk about the potential for a relationship outside of the game with Christian Birkenberger.

Alyssa finished the season in seventh place and she is now one of the nine people who will decide who wins the $750,000 prize this summer.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 on the horizon

CBS has made the great announcement that Celebrity Big Brother has been renewed for another year. Fans will get to watch the CBB3 cast playing the game this winter, with a whole new group of celebrities making their way inside the Big Brother house.

There aren’t any real rumors about who will be on the Celebrity Big Brother cast this time, but we expect that to really start ramping up once the Big Brother 23 finale has aired. This should also not be confused with an All-Stars season of the show, as it won’t include any former Big Brother houseguests.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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