Todrick Hall from Celebrity Big Brother sued for thousands in unpaid rent

Todrick CBB Feeds Live
There is a new controversy brewing for Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast member, Todrick Hall. Pic credit: CBS

Todrick Hall bragged about owning his house on Celebrity Big Brother 3, but a lawsuit now claims that he has unpaid rent on that same residence.

While playing on Celebrity Big Brother this past winter, Todrick hurt his image a bit with the way that he was playing the game. It led to a large backlash from fans, former Big Brother houseguests, and members of his cast that went home and watched the live feed coverage.

At first, Todrick said he was protecting his mental health, and that was why he was refusing to talk about his Big Brother experience. He skipped out on the exit interviews at the finale before that, raising a lot of questions about whether or not he would take responsibility for his actions while playing the game.

Recently, Todrick blamed Shanna Moakler for the way he acted toward her, claiming that she was the one that went after him first while he was just trying to cheer her on. The revisionist story doesn’t really jive with what fans saw taking place on the live feeds.

And now, some more bad press has surfaced for Todrick, who has been trying to rebuild his image ever since he left the Big Brother house.

Todrick Hall is accused of owing back rent on his current house

According to TMZ, Todrick is being sued by Avi Lavian, who claims that the former American Idol contestant owes two months of back rent. At a cost of $30,000 per month, the suit claims that Todrick owes $60,000 in total back rent and that Todrick is about 60 days behind in payments.

Below is a video that Todrick posted on YouTube in February of 2021 where he claimed that he bought the home that is at the center of this new controversy. This was a year before he even went on Celebrity Big Brother and spoke at length about the decor he had selected to go inside of his home.

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