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The Challenge’s Tori Deal speaks on Season 37 rookie castmate: ‘She’s a monster and she proves it’

the challenge star tori deal speaks on season 37 rookie
The Challenge veteran Tori Deal said a Spies, Lies & Allies rookie had everyone “terrified.” Pic credit: MTV

With 19 rookies competing on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season, it’s bound to give the 15 returning veteran competitors some new threats to worry about.

Based on comments from Tori Deal, she was quite impressed by whoever did the casting to bring all these rookies from different reality TV backgrounds onto MTV’s show.

However, in particular, one rookie drew some strong words from Tori, who described her as a “monster” that had everyone “terrified.”

Tori Deal says Season 37 rookie had everyone ‘terrified’

The Spies, Lies & Allies rookies will come from many different countries, including Spain, Romania, Nigeria, Sweden, and Turkey. Just like the newer stars on MTV’s show in recent seasons, the Season 37 rookies hail from a variety of shows too.

However, there are seven competitors from versions of Survivor based in different parts of the world. Among them will be Survivor US stars Michele Fitzgerald, Michaela Bradshaw, and Tommy Sheehan. There are also Survivor Romania’s Emy Elupei and Emanuel Neagu and Survivor Spain’s Logan Sampedro.

However, during an interview on Medium, Tori Deal gave strong comments about the Survivor Turkey star making her debut on the show, Berna Canbeldek.

“We were scared. We were terrified. She’s a monster and she proves it. You’ll see her do her thing. She’s a physical beast. Not only that, she’s definitely not boring,” Tori said of Berna.

She said that Berna brought “spice and fire” and has a “really powerful energy.”

“I loved watching a strong woman come on the show and just be so honest. She is so unapologetically herself. She does have beef with a few people, but that’s what makes a good contender on the show. So Berna is definitely somebody to watch out for,” Tori shared.

Which Challenge stars does Berna have beef with?

It already seems apparent that Berna and castmate Amanda Garcia will have beef. Amanda, making her first appearance on The Challenge since War of the Worlds, has already gone on record.

During a Challenge video where veteran cast members’ gave their first impressions of the rookies, Amanda said Berna is already on her “s**tlist.” She mentioned Berna being all over Kaycee or all over Nelson after seeing them with other castmates. Amanda described Berna as “too much.”

The two have seemed to carry on with their feud since filming ended. Amanda shared a photo of castmate Nelson Thomas dancing with a girl in New York City while with other castmates for promotional work. The photo included the words “Berna who?” on Amanda’s IG Story slide.

Berna is rumored to have been in a showmance with Nelson. She also reacted to Amanda’s post, explaining her and Nelson’s situation post-filming.

It’s unknown who else Berna will have a feud with, although based on the Season 37 Super Trailer footage, Nelson and Ashley Mitchell seemed to have something going on. During another part of that trailer, Amanda angrily told Nelson to go be with his girlfriend.

In previous seasons, Amanda and Ashley were good friends and part of the Lavender Ladies clique. That also included Shane Landrum and Sylvia Elsrode. So it’s a good bet that if Amanda has beef with Berna, so will her close friend, especially due to the Nelson situation.

While Berna will have beef, it seems she’ll also show how strong a competitor she is. Based on Tori’s comments about Berna, it seems like she will be one of several rookies making a name for themself in what looks to be an exciting season of MTV’s competition series.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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