The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers: Sixth competitor eliminated from spinoff show as filming continues

the challenge usa host tj lavin
TJ Lavin appears in a promo video for The Challenge: USA spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: USA 2 filming is underway in Croatia, with an intriguing group of competitors vying to become the newest champions for the spinoff show.

The debut season featured only stars from CBS reality TV in the competition, with cast members coming from Big Brother, Amazing Race, Love Island, and Survivor.

Ultimately, a Survivor alliance took over the show, headed up by former winners Tyson Apostol, Sarah Lacina, and Danny McCray. Sarah and Danny went on to win the show and are now part of The Challenge: World Championship.

For the second season of the spinoff, there will be stars from CBS’ reality TV shows, but there are no Love Islanders as that show has moved to Peacock.

There will also be a group of stars from MTV’s The Challenge, providing a unique team format for the USA 2 spinoff and probably leading to newer stars getting targeted.

As of this writing, spoilers have revealed that a sixth cast member is out of the game, and it’s one who had some experience with The Challenge.

The sixth elimination is revealed via The Challenge: USA 2 spoilers

Monsters and Critics most recently reported about The Challenge: USA 2 eliminations for two more competitors, with MTV star Amanda Garcia making an early exit, as well as Amazing Race star Luis Colon.

Interestingly, Luis was only the second men’s competitor revealed via online spoilers to get eliminated from the game, joining two-time Challenge finalist Paulie Calafiore.

However, there have now been a total of four women revealed to be eliminated from USA Season 2. Based on a tweet from @GamerVev on Twitter and details in a Vevmo forum thread, former Big Brother houseguest Alyssa Lopez is now out of the game.

Viewers saw Alyssa appear in the debut season of The Challenge: USA on CBS and Paramount Plus, where she nearly reached the final. However, she lost in elimination to her ally and friend, Angela Rummans.

Additional news and rumors about The Challenge: USA Season 2

Earlier today, Monsters and Critics reported the additional spoilers that arrived regarding The Challenge: USA 2’s starting teams. The format features three teams, each with eight cast members.

Two cast members on each team initially debuted in an MTV show, The Real World or Are You The One?, before moving on to The Challenge. It’s rumored that at least one of those MTV stars was team captain, and they each chose six more cast members, all of whom debuted in a CBS reality show, for their squads.

Also, rumors arrived recently about a showmance on The Challenge: USA 2. In the first season of the spinoff show, there weren’t many hookups or showmances in the footage, aside from the early flirtations involving Love Island’s Cinco Holland and Big Brother’s Tiffany Mitchell.

However, it appears that could change with two of the newer Big Brother stars entering the world of The Challenge. Time will tell if they filmed footage of the showmance and will present it in the episodes when they release.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: USA 2 and The Challenge: All Stars premiere dates are TBA.

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