The Challenge: USA Season 2 spoilers reveal unique teams format for spinoff cast

tj lavin hosts the challenge on mtv
The Challenge: USA host TJ Lavin is rumored to return to host the second season of the spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: USA Season 2 is currently filming episodes, which are set to release later this year possibly.

As the footage is captured, spoilers for the USA 2 spinoff arrive online, including who is in the cast and who has been eliminated.

In the first season, viewers saw a cast featuring exclusively CBS reality TV stars from Amazing Race, Big Brother, Love Island, and Survivor.

The second season’s cast introduces MTV Challenge stars to the spinoff, including several former champions.

With that, a unique format has been revealed via online spoilers for how the teams will be at the start of the game.

Remember that this report will include spoilers for the upcoming second season of The Challenge: USA 2.

Team format revealed for The Challenge: USA 2

Based on a recent Instagram post from @mtvchallengeinsider, The Challenge: USA 2 may not use The Algorithm to create random teams for each episode like Season 1 of the spinoff.

Instead, it appears there will be three teams at the show’s start, each with eight cast members.

Each team also seems to be captained by two MTV stars- one man and one woman, with the rest of the individuals on the teams originally from CBS reality TV shows.

As seen in the first slide below, one team features original MTV stars Wes Bergmann (Real World: Austin) and Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? 3). Its CBS stars include, from left to right, top to bottom: Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor), Desi Williams (Survivor), Ameerah Jones(Big Brother), Tyler Crispen (Big Brother), Monte Taylor (Big Brother), and Luis Colon (Amazing Race).

As seen in the second slide, Johnny Bananas (Real World: Key West) and Jonna Mannion (Real World: Cancun) captain another team. It includes several MTV Challenge stars who started on CBS. Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor), Tiffany Mitchell (Big Brother), and Chanelle Howell are in the top row. In the bottom row next to Bananas are former Big Brother houseguests Paulie Calafiore and Josh Martinez, as well as Dusty Harris (Amazing Race).

The MTV team captains for the third team revealed above are Tori Deal (Are You The One? 4) and Cory Wharton (Are You The One? ). The Challenge: USA Season 1 and Big Brother star Alyssa Lopez, followed by Alyssa Snider (Big Brother) and Cassidy Clark (Survivor), are in the top row next to Tori.

Next to Cory in the bottom row is Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, who originally started on Big Brother before joining The Challenge. Alongside the multi-time finalist are Survivor stars Chris Underwood and Sebastian Noel.

Remember, these teams might not be for an entire season. There’s also the possibility of a twist allowing players to switch around, similar to Spies, Lies & Allies.

How did teams form, and how do the eliminations work?

Based on the Vevmo forum thread and @GamerVev’s Twitter spoilers, each team had a captain who drafted their squads. It’s unknown which MTV stars were responsible for picking teams, as it might have been one individual in charge or working with the other to draft the team.

There are yet to be details of who had the first, second, and third pick, and so on, but that could be revealed in the coming weeks or possibly closer to the premiere.

As far as eliminations, that’s not completely clear yet. As of this writing, four women have been revealed in the elimination spoilers, but only two men. One of the women eliminated is believed to have been a disqualification, but the reason is currently unknown.

There have also been rumors of an interesting showmance during USA 2 filming, which features two former Big Brother stars.

There’s no official release date for The Challenge: USA 2, as Paramount Plus is currently presenting episodes of The Challenge: World Championship, with just a few weeks until the finale.

After that, they may begin the promotion of another spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 4, before introducing anything about The Challenge: USA 2.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 4 and The Challenge: USA 2 premiere dates are TBA.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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