The Challenge: World Championship’s Wes Bergmann throws shade at Danny McCray with NFL joke

wes bergmann in the challenge world championship
The Challenge star Wes Bergmann threw some humorous shade at his castmate, former NFL player Danny McCray. Pic credit: Paramount+

Wes Bergmann is among the MTV legends who showed up to compete in The Challenge: World Championship, a spinoff to determine the first-ever world champions of the reality competition series.

The two-time MTV Challenge champion and All Stars 2 winner has good reason to gloat as he became the first overall pick when the show’s MVPs from international spinoffs chose their partners.

Wes was selected first by the UK’s Zara Zoffany, and the two seemed to form a great team due to Wes’ experience and skills in the game, as well as Zara’s athleticism.

They showed those skills in a daily challenge where competitors had to race down a long corridor and get underneath a door that was closing down before their opponents did. Any players who failed to get under were eliminated from the event.

It came down to Wes and Zara versus Danny McCray and his teammate Tori Deal, with Wes and Zara picking up a huge win to gain power in the game.

Wes recently brought up that win as he threw a bit of humorous shade Danny’s way regarding his NFL skills.

Wes jokes about his win over Danny in The Challenge: World Championship

Never put it past The Challenge’s Wes to seize an opportunity to boast of an accomplishment in The Challenge. In his recent appearance on the Death, Taxes, and Bananas podcast, he spoke about how he performed better than Danny in that particular daily.

Wes joked that the NFL called him that Thursday after the episode arrived on Paramount Plus and wanted him to attend a tryout.

“I’m getting a tryout next season. So I’m actually going to start working out with the Kansas City Chiefs and simultaneously the Dallas Cowboys. They will then subsequently enter into a bidding war to decide who I kind of play for because of how good I was at that. And how fast and strong I was at that event,” Wes joked.

That led to podcast host Johnny Bananas asking if Wes’ teammate, Zara, would also be present for the tryouts and training since she helped Wes win that daily challenge.

Wes went on to praise his partner Zara as “phenomenal,” explaining she is so fast and seemed to have no regard for her own safety, even putting a chokehold on Danny during the daily challenge.

“So, I probably will be in the NFL, so the likelihood that you see me on The Challenge, again, is very low,” Wes added as part of his humorous shade toward Danny.

Wes reacts to Danny and Sarah’s gameplay

A point of contention throughout the World Championship episodes for some fans and critics is how some of the MVPs are playing the game in a way that goes against what their Team USA allies are saying to do. Danny and Sarah Lacina, the winners of The Challenge: USA, are the backbone of that contention.

In a few instances, Danny and Sarah made it clear to Tori and Bananas that they weren’t taking a backseat to what they wanted to do in the game, as they had their own plans. Danny’s focus was getting top players out of the game ahead of the final, with Jordan Wiseley and Wes being two he mentioned specifically.

In one episode, Danny was shown creating a stalemate with the cast’s voting, which meant there were no clear choices for teams to go into elimination against daily challenge losers Wes and Zara. Host TJ Lavin invoked a stalemate rule to allow the daily challenge winners, Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris, to choose the team to face Wes and Zara.

They chose Kaycee Clark and Ben Driebergen, who defeated Wes and Zara, sending them home for the season.

During Bananas’ podcast, Wes commented about Danny and Sarah’s strategies during World Championship.

“I understand where they’re coming from. I don’t necessarily disagree with it. I just feel like there needs to be some context added to all this,” Wes said.

He also sent a recent tweet about The Challenge: USA winners, seeming to put over what they are doing on the show.

“Not gonna lie, I’m loving Danny and Sarah’s gameplay this season. We need this type of outlook to keep us honest,” Wes tweeted this past Thursday.

the challenge star wes bergmann tweets
Wes tweets about his World Championship castmates. Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

His tweet arrived after World Championship Episode 7. Danny and Sarah weren’t necessarily involved in shaping that episode’s surprising vote, as they seemed to get on the same page with Tori, Bananas, and the rest of Team USA.

However, Team UK’s KellyAnne Judd and other outsiders were able to sway the vote, sending Bananas and Justine Ndiba into elimination, where they lost to Jordan Wiseley and Kaz Crossley.

Nonetheless, Sarah and Danny were probably pleased to see one of their perceived obstacles — Bananas, ousted from the game, so they have one less multi-time champion to worry about.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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