The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7 recap: MVPs race in Tunnel Time and KellyAnne has a plan

The Challenge OG Kellyanne Judd in World Championship Episode 7
KellyAnne Judd in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challengers were back at the house following Grant Crapp and Jonna Mannion’s disqualification due to Grant’s injury. Various cast members talked about their current positions in the game.

Justine Ndiba and Johnny Bananas said they felt their communication was good, even though it took some time. Emily Seebohn said it was an uphill battle for her and Yes Duffy after losing Grant and Jonna.

KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps had a sitdown with Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso since they were two teams getting targeted repeatedly. KellyAnne told them they wouldn’t say their names, and Jodi said they would do the same for them.

KellyAnne also spoke about how the USA alliance was a mess with how they were all arguing lately. Flashbacks showed Danny McCray, Sarah Lacina, Theo Campbell, and Johnny Bananas arguing.

Tori Deal told Justine she and Danny would probably get along well outside the game. She said it’s a different story inside the game because Danny has an idea of how he wants to play, but his idea doesn’t match his allies’ plans.

Tori called things a “s**t show” with Ben Driebergen as a wildcard. She said getting everyone on the same page for once would be nice. Ben said he wasn’t sleeping well and didn’t trust Sarah or Danny. He only trusts Kaycee right now.

Amber Borzotra held a “Dr. Phil” therapy conversation for exes Theo and Kaz Crossley. Theo said he’s mature enough to put his feelings aside while in the game and let Kaz prove her loyalty again.

MVPs race to save Legends in Tunnel Time

Host TJ Lavin welcomed everyone to the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa. He revealed the Legends would get the day off because they’d be chained up outside the castle in a moat.

Two teams competed with one another at the same time. The MVPs had to race in an underground tunnel beneath the castle, using light sticks to identify the country flags on the walls.

They had to count how many flags per country and then return to the surface to their station, which had each country’s flag with a number next to it. They had to fill in the number of flags they counted for that country, solve the multiplication equation, and then add all those answers up to get a number for a combination lock to save their partner.

Each MVP had 45 minutes to complete it, or they timed out. The fastest MVP would win the event, but the slowest was going straight to elimination.

Sarah Lacina in The Challenge World Championship
The Challenge: World Championship’s Sarah Lacina searches in an underground tunnel for country flags on the walls. Pic credit: Paramount+

Benja timed out on the math equations and felt he had let Jodi down. Danny and Ben went simultaneously and worked together to add the flags. They said in confessionals they still don’t trust each other.

When all teams had gone through the event, TJ revealed that the two fastest teams were Yes Duffy with Emily and Sarah with Theo. However, Australia’s Emily and Yes picked up the win. The losing team was Jordan and Kaz.

Team USA tries to get on the same page before the vote

Tori, Bananas, Theo, Kaycee, Danny, Sarah, and Ben had a meeting to try to get things together before the deliberation. Ben said in confessional he doesn’t want to work with Sarah. Bananas said he doesn’t think he’s disliked anyone as much as he dislikes Sarah and Danny.

Tori came up with them all voting to send in Jodi and Benja again. She said they should also say Darrell and Kiki Morris, who would get saved, putting Jodi and Benja into elimination against Jordan.

Tori said they needed to get KellyAnne to help with the vote. She and Kaycee went and told KellyAnne a lot of information about the plan to try getting her on their side.

KellyAnne said in a confessional that it was “sweet” Tori and Bananas want to work with her, but they can’t because of what they did to her before. KellyAnne talked to Jodi and Darrell about their voting strategy, suggesting they could stalemate and be safe.

At deliberation, KellyAnne and Tristan voted for Justine and Bananas, as well as Sarah and Theo. The other teams they talked to followed suit.

When it got to Kaycee and Ben’s vote, they discussed how they went in last time due to a stalemate. They voted for Sarah and Theo, as well as Tristan and KellyAnne.

The two teams ended up being Sarah with Theo and Justine with Bananas, shocking the daily challenge winners and losers. In the other room, Kaz said she really didn’t want to go against her ex Theo.

Who got eliminated in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7?

At The Arena, Emily and Yes chose to send in Justine and Bananas. Emily was friends with Sarah and wouldn’t say her name.

That set up seven-time champ Jordan vs. three-time champ Bananas for their third elimination in Challenge history. They last competed in the Ride or Dies final, with Bananas defeating Jordan.

TJ revealed they’d compete against Jordan and Kaz in Lock, Stack, and Barrel. There were two giant stacks of barrels for each team set up. There were symbols on the top of the barrels. TJ removed a tarp to show them an answer key with large symbols in a specific order.

The objective was to take their barrels down and place them in the grid to match how the answer key showed the symbol arrangement. Once they finished, they had to race over and press a button to win.

Bananas had all but one barrel in the grid. Justine said she couldn’t find the final blue barrel they needed but finally did. She and Bananas ran over and pressed the button, but nothing happened as TJ said they didn’t have it right.

Justine Ndiba and Johnny Bananas in The Challenge World Championship
Justine Ndiba and Johnny Bananas compete in The Challenge: World Championship elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Kaz and Jordan hustled, got their last barrel in place, and ran over to the buzzer. Bananas and Justine went to press it simultaneously, but TJ blew the horn, revealing Jordan and Kaz had won.

Justine and Bananas had the wrong sun symbol with a frowning face instead of the happy one that the answer key showed.

Bananas praised Jordan, calling him a Legend for a reason, and he finally beat him in an elimination. Bananas told Justine don’t ever hang her head after losing. She was emotional, saying she felt she had so much to prove. With that, Bananas and Justine are officially out.

As the episode was closing out, Tristan revealed in a confessional he was feeling sick but was keeping it to himself as best possible so it wouldn’t put a target on him and KellyAnne.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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