The Challenge: World Championship’s Grant Crapp apologizes to Jonna Mannion after Episode 6 events

Grant Crapp in The Challenge World Championship
Grant Crapp posted an apology to his partner from The Challenge: World Championship, Jonna Mannion. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: World Championship spinoff recently released its sixth episode of the season as the MTV Legends and global MVPs compete to become first-ever world champions.

Among those MVPs is The Challenge: Australia’s Grant Crapp, who finished first overall in the opening episode as the MVPs battled in an extensive daily challenge.

That win allowed him to have the first pick when selecting a Legends cast member as his teammate, and he wisely opted for two-time All Stars winner Jonna Mannion.

They looked to be a formidable team early on, winning the first daily challenge of the season in the pairs format to seize control of the game.

However, things took a turn for the worse for them in Episode 6, and after the episode’s release, Grant apologized to his partner, who reacted to his message.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship’s first six episodes.

Grant Crapp suffered a brutal injury in World Championship

In World Championship Episode 6, competitors were battling it out in a daily challenge called Rocket Man which involved one player lying on a giant inflatable floating on the water. Their teammate had to jump off a platform onto the inflatable down below, launching their partner into the air and as high as possible to clear three crossbars set up.

Some competitors nailed this and were able to send their teammates soaring up above the bars. A few missed, though, and their partners didn’t launch much into the air. That included Grant, who didn’t hit the mark on the inflatable. Instead, he landed off the side of it, and Jonna barely went into the air.

With Grant missing the mark, he also suffered a devastating injury during the event. He continued with the rest of the challenge, which involved him and Jonna swimming out into the water to retrieve two large puzzle pieces and swimming back to shore to assemble the puzzle as quickly as possible.

After they’d competed, Grant needed medical attention and was transported to the hospital. When all competitors had finished the daily, host TJ Lavin revealed that Jonna and Grant finished last in the event, sending them straight into the elimination.

Later, Grant arrived at The Arena on crutches with his leg wrapped up, and it was revealed he could no longer compete, ending the season for him and Jonna.

Grant apologizes to his Challenge teammate Jonna Mannion

Grant shared an Instagram post after the episode arrived, speaking more about his injury and the unfortunate end to the season.

“My journey came to an end due to my dumb*** over correcting my jump ? My MCL copped a serious flogging meaning we had to pull up stumps,” he wrote in his caption.

“I’m so sorry @jonnamannion that because of my action our time was done. You are a serious force in the game and it was an absolute pleasure playing with you. I’d say you were the best challenge partner ever ?? Once again it was an honour to be apart of @thechallenge competition ❤️,” Grant said.

The Challenge: World Championship’s Jonna and Sarah react to Grant’s apology

While Grant was gutted about how things ended for him and Jonna during the World Championship season, his partner completely understood that injuries are a part of the game.

While it marked the first season in the past four Challenge spinoffs she did that Jonna exited early, she left a sweet comment for her teammate on his post.

“Grant! Do NOT be sorry. Everything happens for a reason. Right when chaos hit the house, we got to go home to our families? I’m honored that you picked me to be your partner and hope one day we can work together again!! Until next time?,” Jonna wrote.

Along with Jonna, The Challenge: USA winner Sarah Lacina also left a supportive message. Sarah referred to Grant as a “legend,” indicating she was sad to see him and Jonna go and can’t wait to see him return to the show again.

Challenge costars react to Grant's World Championship message
Grant’s The Challenge: World Championship castmates react to his apology. Pic credit: @grant_crapp/Instagram

Grant, 27, initially appeared in Love Island Australia Season 1 before appearing on the spinoff, The Challenge: Australia. During the show, he went 3-1 in eliminations, making it to Episode 8 before getting eliminated alongside his teammate Megan Marx.

Many international rookies have seemingly been one-and-done competitors on MTV’s The Challenge in recent seasons. Still, one would think some of the global stars from the World Championship might get a chance to shine again on the show, including Grant.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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