The Challenge: Australia’s Grant Crapp throws shade at World Championship star Johnny Bananas

grant crapp from the challenge australia
The Challenge: Australia’s Grant Crapp isn’t impressed by his Legends castmate Johnny Bananas in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: World Championship premiered earlier this week, with global MVPs teaming up with MTV Legends to try to become first-ever world champions.

The Legends include some of the competition series’ all-time greats, including Jordan Wiseley, Jonna Mannion, Wes Bergmann, Darrell Taylor, Tori Deal, and Johnny Bananas.

While many of those individuals bring respected resumes to the game, Bananas is often considered the greatest of all time.

However, one of his castmates, The Challenge: Australia’s Grant Crapp, isn’t so impressed by his legendary castmate.

Grant recently appeared in a podcast interview and had plenty to say about Bananas, going so far as to call him a “Peter Pan” character who tries to “rule the roost.”

That also raised a serious question about how Grant would perform against Bananas in an all-time classic elimination.

Grant Crapp shades Johnny Bananas during podcast comments

Love Island Australia Season 1 winner Grant is among Australia’s MVPs competing in The Challenge: World Championship spinoff.

During The Challenge: Australia, Grant racked up a 3-1 record in eliminations, then became first-place among men for a qualifier for World Championship.

That gave him the first pick to choose a Legends partner for the season, and he wisely went with two-time All Stars winner Jonna. Soon after, they won the season’s first daily challenge, giving them major power in an upcoming elimination decision.

Following the first two episodes this past week, Grant appeared as the guest on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast to discuss his experience on the World Championship show. At one point, the conversation turned toward his castmate Bananas.

“That Bananas fella, I think he’s a bit of a Peter Pan dude,” Grant told co-hosts Aneesa Ferreira and Da’Vonne Rogers.

“He’d have to be mid-40s, 50, wouldn’t he? Far out, mate. I’m looking at him, and I’m like- I think I said to Troy, ‘Dude, I know this guy’s probably one of the better ones, but far out. I don’t know if he’s had too much Botox or he’s trying to relive his single bachelor life, like that’s what I get from that guy, you know?” Grant said.

Da’Vonne followed that by asking Grant if he felt he and Bananas would clash or if he was intimidated by the seven-time champ.

“Ah no, f**k him, mate. He tries to rule the roost and everything, you know? That dude. I haven’t got time for him,” Grant told her.

Grant comments on facing The Challenge legend in the elimination

“The way I look at it is everyone tries to live in Johnny Bananas’ world, and that just doesn’t go down with me. I think the dude like he’s played the game for so long. They should like wheel him out in the retirement village for The Challenge now,” Grant suggested.

As Grant spoke about how he was calling him “Grandpa Bananas” and that he needed to head to The Challenge retirement home, another burning question came up.

Grant got asked if he could defeat Bananas if they were to face off in a Hall Brawl during The Challenge.

“F**k yes. Put me in there against him in a Hall Brawl,” Grant said, adding, “The Hall Brawl, man, I wish we had that in Australia. I come from a rugby league background, so I enjoy the collision.”

There was no Hall Brawl for Grant during his The Challenge: Australia season. He competed in several games seen in The Challenge: USA spinoff, including Spelling Eeb and Ball & Chain.

He won those while partnered with Kiki Morris and Brooke Jowett, respectively. Grant also competed in a Challenge classic, Balls In, which he won alongside Emily Seebohm. He’d ultimately lose ahead of the final in a game called In a Roll.

Challenge fans saw a Pole Wrestle in the first episode of the World Championship spinoff. Could a Hall Brawl be on its way? Either way, it will be interesting to see if Grant and Bananas cross paths in upcoming episodes of the global competition spinoff series!

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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