The Challenge: World Championship’s Jodi Weatherton says she apologized to Tori Deal for ‘childish’ remark

jodi weatherton from the challenge world championship
MTV OG Jodi Weatherton appears in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: World Championship has brought various stars from international spinoffs based on MTV’s competition series to team up with Legends of the game.

Among those Legends are stars, including Johnny Bananas, Tori Deal, Jordan Wiseley, Wes Bergmann, and Jonna Mannion.

Jodi Weatherton is also back after appearing in The Challenge: All Stars 2 season after a lengthy hiatus from MTV’s show.

Her last appearance dated back to 2006’s The Duel, which marked Jodi’s third and final MTV season. It was also her second win, following up her The Gauntlet II victory.

That said, based on the teammate format and how voting worked, she found it a bit more challenging than ever when she showed up to the World Championship spinoff.

In addition, she hadn’t worked with several of MTV’s Legends, making her potential allies few and far between as she arrived to the game.

With that, viewers noticed that Jodi and her partner, Team Argentina’s Benja Alfonso, became early targets in the game.

That continuous voting for them by others prompted a remark that Jodi fired toward Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal, which she revealed she apologized for later.

Jodi said she apologized to Tori during The Challenge: World Championship

During her appearance on Challenge Mania last week, Jodi mentioned how deep connections were for some of her castmates on the World Championship spinoff. However, she hadn’t realized it until she arrived, making it difficult to have strong allies once the game started moving.

About an hour and nine minutes into the Challenge Mania episode, she referenced how she fired a shot at Tori during one of the nomination voting sessions. Jodi’s comment took aim at Tori’s relationship with her former fiance Jordan Wiseley.

“When you see me in that one nomination and I say to Tori, ‘I’m gonna vote for Jordan because it’s gonna hurt you more,’ that was just out of, like I said, ‘I didn’t give a flying f**k’ what I did because everybody voted for me anyway. I had nothing to lose,” she said.

Several teams seemed to be continuously on the chopping block as popular votes. Jodi and her teammate Benja were one, as well as KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps. In a dramatic vote in one episode, Tori’s teammate voted for Jodi and her partner when he could’ve voted for another team, such as Jordan and Kaz Crossley. Based on the footage (below), Danny’s vote forced a stalemate among the cast.

Jodi mentioned that she made sure to apologize to Tori later on for the remark when she voted for Jordan, telling her, “That was just childish and immature, and I’m sorry,’” Jodi revealed.

Jodi, who said she’d been in South Korea for a while, also shared how she did some prep work for The Challenge: World Championship, including reviewing world capitals, multiplication tables, and puzzles.

However, she admitted she probably could’ve prepared better by understanding how connected some of the cast members really were, especially those who just did Ride or Dies on MTV.

Jodi wanted to partner with a specific MVP for the show

According to Jodi, The Challenge: World Championship was like no other version of the show she’d experienced due to the format and her limited connections once she arrived there.

“Every single challenge that we do, the team that wins doesn’t have a vote. The team that loses doesn’t have a vote,” Jodi said.

Jodi said she did her best to make connections before leaving for the show, but she was in South Korea at the time, making it challenging. She said not knowing the format made it tough, and she realized she was the “least-connected” Legends player there.

Jodi said they all spent two or three days together in the house after that opening qualifier for the MVPs. During that time, Jodi said she was trying to connect with MVPs she thought she’d work well with, so they might choose her. 

She mentioned The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray was someone she would’ve liked to work with because they got along well when they met.

“I genuinely enjoyed his company. He has a similar demeanor to my husband. He’s very laid back and chill,” Jodi said of The Challenge: USA winner.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, as Jodi had no choice. The game format allowed the MVPs to each pick their Legends partner, with the selection order based on their performance in Episode 1’s qualifier event.

Danny chose Tori early, and Argentina’s Benja Alfonso selected Jodi a bit later. Jodi said during the podcast episode that her partner had limited experience with The Challenge as his main job is as an actor, and he didn’t win Argentina’s competition show.

She said she didn’t have the “bandwidth” to work on keeping her and her partner alive in the game but also to teach him the game along the way. It also became stressful as she mentioned Benja talked too much and irritated some of their castmates.

The duo has managed to survive through six episodes, but one has to think they’ll continue to be easy as targets unless they can win a daily.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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