The Challenge: Danny McCray says Tori Deal gave him advice about Jordan Wiseley for World Championship final

danny mccray from the challenge world championship episode 5
Danny McCray during The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

Danny McCray is spilling some surprising tea about his teammate from The Challenge: World Championship following a dramatic turn of events in Episode 5.

Viewers watched things get chaotic during the recent installment, as the competitors couldn’t successfully vote for two potential elimination teams to face daily challenge losers, Wes Bergmann and Zara Zoffany.

With two teams receiving the same number of votes, Danny opted to throw out several teams’ names as burn votes rather than going with his partner Tori Deal’s suggestion to break the tie.

However, Danny’s strategy in the episode involved sending Tori’s ex Jordan Wiseley and teammate Kaz Crossley into elimination.

Jordan and Kaz happened to have the same number of votes as Yes Duffy and Emily Seebohn. In the episode’s footage presentation, it came down to Tori and Danny to possibly decide things.

However, Danny named Jodi Weatherton with Benja Alfonso and KellyAnne Judd with Tristan Phipps as burn votes, which seemed to create a stalemate situation. Later on, host TJ Lavin revealed since there were no teams for elimination potentials, the daily challenge winners got to choose one.

Danny fired off some interesting tweets following the recent spinoff show episode, with one of them suggesting his teammate cautioned him about going into a final against her ex-fiance. In another, he called out MTV Legends for pretending they would go with the same strategy again.

Danny McCray claims Tori Deal told him not to run against Jordan in the final

Getting to the final is one important goal for The Challenge: World Championship, with the next goal being to win it. In recent seasons of MTV’s competition show, viewers have seen alliances dictate the game and multiple allies reach the final together to help each other out. Some also say they want to compete against the best in the game.

However, The Challenge: USA winner Danny isn’t down with that strategy and wants to get rid of his toughest competition, including MTV Legends, who have won multiple times, like Johnny Bananas, Wes, and Jordan.

It’s no secret through the first five episodes that Danny wants Jordan gone from the game as soon as possible, but his teammate Tori is doing her best to protect her ex from elimination.

A recent series of tweets from Danny indicates his teammate Tori suggested they shouldn’t compete against Jordan in the final.

“Who do you think told me that we shouldn’t run the final against Jordan?” Danny tweeted.

danny mccray tweets about challenge
Danny McCray tweets about his World Championship teammate. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

While he didn’t name a specific name in that tweet, it didn’t take long as he replied to a fan’s comment with “Tori.”

danny mccray spils tea about challenge world championship
Danny McCray reveals partner gave him advice about the final. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Danny calls out Legends for the hypocrisy of their voting strategy

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Danny called out Ben Driebergen as a “snake” due to his shady elimination voting after their conversation seemed to go a certain way. However, Danny also called out the MTV Legends for their hypocritical elimination strategy.

In his tweet, Danny mentioned how the Legends said it was best to keep saying the same teams’ names for elimination voting to play things safe in the game.

However, when Danny said those same two teams’ names in Episode 5, he indicates it was met with anger from the Legends because it went against their plans.

Danny ends his series of messages in the tweet with several crying laughing emojis and a shoulder-shrug emoji to suggest he doesn’t understand the anger.

danny mccray tweet world championship episode 5
Danny McCray tweets about World Championship strategy. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Danny’s tweet got many replies from fans, some of who commended him for not being afraid to play the game his way. Several called out his strategy, with one saying he was showing his cards too early in the game and needed to wait to take the shot at Jordan.

However, Danny replied to let them know the season is only 12 episodes, so it’s almost halfway over. Danny also reminded the commenter that the first episode was just focused on the MVPs, and one episode will be the final.

the challenge danny mccray replies to fan comment
Danny McCray tweets about the World Championship season. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Danny comes into The Challenge: World Championship as one of the two winners of the USA spinoff, along with fellow Survivor star Sarah Lacina. So far, the two have had a strong alliance early on and are looking for ways to shake things up whenever possible rather than letting the MTV Legends dictate how the game goes.

Time will tell whether or not their strategy proves successful as the Legends and MVPs continue to battle it out for power, glory, and $500,000 prize money in the spinoff show.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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