The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas reveals he’s opening boxing gym in Florida

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Johnny Bananas revealed he is opening up a boxing gym in Florida. Pic credit: MTV

The worlds of The Challenge and other sports often collide, with boxing recently becoming a popular draw for some of the cast members during their offseasons.

Fans have seen multiple cast members from MTV’s competition series participate in celebrity boxing matches, including Josh Martinez, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, and Cory Wharton.

However, seven-time champion Johnny Bananas has yet to get involved in any of those events or matches – until now.

The Challenge OG shared several days ago that he had a major announcement coming, with some fans thinking he might fight in a boxing match against one of his castmates.

However, Bananas took things a step further as he’s recently revealed he is opening his own boxing studio to offer workouts for individuals of all fitness levels.

Here’s the latest on what The Challenge star could have planned as part of his potential post-reality TV show career.

Johnny Bananas to open Rumble Boxing Studio

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old reality TV star shared an Instagram video post in which he announced he’s opening his own Rumble Boxing Studio in Florida.

The video features Bananas getting tape wrapped on his wrists and hands before donning large white boxing gloves. He also represents his studio brand with a black winter cap with “Rumble” in white letters and a Rumble tank top.

Standing next to a punching bag, he announces he’s opening his “very own Rumble boxing gym.”

“What is Rumble, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. It is the most incredible workout you will ever receive. It is boxing-inspired group fitness,” he said.

Bananas said those without boxing experience shouldn’t worry; they only need “10 rounds, two fists, and zero experience.”

The video includes clips of Bananas throwing punches at one of the bags and then footage of a group workout led by an instructor. The individuals participating not only throw punches but also lift dumbbells as part of the routine.

“Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMMMMBBBLEEE ?? THIS SUMMER I’m opening my very own Rumble Boxing Studio in the heart of South Florida, Boca Raton,” he shared.

“Please follow us @rumbleboxingeastboca for MAJOR giveaways ? promotions ? and special events ? CLICK THE LINK in bio to get in early at our presale founders rate ?#rumbleboxing #doyourumble,” Bananas said.

The Challenge stars react to Bananas’ announcement

With Bananas’ recent announcement, many of his Challenge castmates, including Kaycee Clark and Josh, dropped by to express their excitement over his news. As reported by Monsters and Critics, the former Big Brother stars participated in a Big Brother celeb boxing event several years ago.

“Huge congrats dude!! Been STOKED for this!!” Bananas’ castmate Jordan Wiseley commented.

“So awesome. Congratulations!!! One of my favorite places; Boca……. you know I don’t work out,” Marie Roda wrote.

“F***in awesome brotha,” Josh Martinez commented about Bananas’ big news.

challenge stars react to bananas boxing studio
Challenge stars react to Bananas’ Rumble Boxing news. Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Instagram

As mentioned, plenty of Challenge and other reality TV stars have been involved in celebrity boxing, with Cory among the most recent. There has also been The Challenge-inspired workout series on YouTube. They feature former show winner and fitness trainer Rachel Robinson, also based in Florida, who leads individuals through various workouts.

With that in mind, Bananas seems to be headed in the right direction with this recent reveal, as it has plenty of potential.

Bananas says Rumble studio to open in the coming months

“So if you’re in Boca, stop on by. We’re slated to open in Summer 2023,” Bananas shared in his video, adding they will be having “a massive grand opening party.”

Along with that message, he suggested interested individuals can follow the @rumbleboxingeastboca Instagram to get more details on the grand opening, giveaways, and other events.

As of this writing, Bananas is currently appearing in The Challenge: World Championship, with episodes arriving weekly on Paramount Plus. Bananas teamed up with Love Island winner and The Challenge: USA finalist Justine Ndiba for the season.

He initially started his reality TV journey in Florida, as he was amongst the cast members for The Real World: Key West in 2006.

He’s done multiple seasons of MTV’s The Challenge and recently appeared in MTV’s Ride or Dies, where he reached the final alongside teammate Nany Gonzalez. However, they fell to winners Tori Deal and Devin Walker over a puzzle mixup.

Bananas also had a showmance during the season with rookie Moriah Jadea. It’s currently unknown if Bananas is still seeing her after filming and whether or not the Rumble Boxing Studio means he’s moving from California to Florida.

It’s also unknown if he’ll appear in any other upcoming Challenge seasons, as it looks like he could have his hands full as the owner of the Rumble Boxing Studio. However, it seems to open up the possibilities for some major celebrity events featuring Challenge stars.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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