The Challenge: World Championship Episode 4 recap: Team Argentina fights for survival in the game

Nia Moore from The Challenge World Championship
Nia Moore in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

As Episode 4 opened, a recap was shown of KellyAnne Judd going at Jonna Mannion. Jonna talked with Ben Driebergen about KellyAnne blowing up at her and said she’s a liability.

UK’s Tristan Phipps and Zara Zoffany talked about his “emotionally sensitive” partner KellyAnne who is messing up their game in the house.

Wes Bergmann talked about his businesses to global MVPs Troy Cullen and Grant Crapp, who he called his “fanboys” in confessional. Grant said he just doesn’t trust the “ginger dude with a beard.” Troy also recognized that Wes is cunning and conniving.

Kaycee Clark talked with Johnny Bananas about not knowing what Wes was up to. Bananas said that Wes never learns from his past mistakes.

Rodrigo Cascon taught Tori Deal some salsa dancing. Tori’s ex Jordan Wiseley was shown watching from nearby with Nia Moore. In confessional, Tori talked about there only being two Argentinians left and contemplated whether Team USA wants to play it safe or make a big move.

Nia Moore admitted she had a health scare because she got addicted to vaping and said it “potentially could’ve been fatal.” She said she had a “reckoning,” and returning to The Challenge is a big deal. She said winning one would be the “ultimate victory.”

Jodi Weatherton spoke to Darrell Taylor about strategy. She said she didn’t even know where her teammate Benja Alfonso was. Footage showed him meditating by a pool and talking about wanting to win the next challenge.

Danny McCray had a convo with Grant about taking out Jordan or Wes. He said since he’s teamed with Tori, it’d be hard for him to take out Jordan. He noted in confessional they’ve all run finals together, and getting them out might be a smart plan.

Competitors enter the Gates of Hell for a daily challenge

Hosts TJ Lavin and Australia’s Brihony Dawson met the competitors at an abandoned, run-down warehouse for the Gates of Hell event.

It involved competitors racing down a corridor to get underneath a closing gate. They had 30 seconds to jockey for position before the green light went off and the gate opened. Then they had to race from the opening gate down the corridor to get underneath another gate before it closed.

Both teammates had to get under the gate, or their team was out. TJ said they’d continue this repeatedly until just one team was left standing. He said the team would be safe from elimination, and the last-place team would go in.

After Round 2, multiple teams were out, including Jonna and Grant, Amber Borzotra and Troy, Kiki Morris, Darrell, Nia, and Rodrigo. Nia said her partner was grimacing in pain over his leg, and the last thing you want to do is show others you’re hurt.

It came down to Round 4, featuring Wes with Zara, Jodi with Benja, and Tori with Danny battling it out. Jodi couldn’t get under the closing door in time, so she and Benja were out, leaving two teams.

In the end, Wes got under the door ahead of Danny to win, making Zara and Wes the winners. The last-place team was Nia and Rodrigo, putting them automatically elimination.

Deliberation arrives with Legends playing it safe

Team USA strategized about the next elimination and suggested they keep things simple for now and keep saying the same names as before. Grant held a meeting with others about taking a shot at Wes. Darrell came in and suggested causing the least amount of resistance.

Danny, Ben, and Justine Ndiba talked with Tori about getting it to be KellyAnne with Tristan and Jordan with Kaz Crossley, so Wes would have to choose one to send in. Tori said she wanted to play it safe to get the “least amount of blood” on her hands.

Danny said his strategy was to get rid of him before the final. Once it got to deliberation, most votes went to KellyAnne with Tristan and Jodi with Benja. KellyAnne made a statement about not letting certain people run the game because, in the end, they’re just going to backstab each other.

Bananas, Tori, and Theo spoke about how Danny and Sarah try to play their own game while appeasing them. Danny, Sarah, and Justine met privately and discussed getting control of the game by winning a challenge next time.

The cast went out to party at the bar. Kiki said in confessional they fake they’re having fun together even though the game is still going on.

Benja, Rodrigo, and Nia spoke about the others playing a scary game. Bananas had a private convo with Danny to assure him the Legends don’t have some master plan going on. Danny said in his confessional that the Legends are untrustworthy based on history.

Oiled Up elimination event takes place

Brihony handled the latest elimination as she informed the cast that TJ had to fly back to the states for his induction into the BMX Hall of Fame. A video clip showed TJ delivering his speech in a suit there and giving a shout-out to his Challenge family.

Wes and Zara chose Benja and Jodi for the elimination against Nia and Rodrigo, making it all Argentina. They completed in Oiled Up. There were two bins full of oil in The Arena. Teammates had to fill up their buckets with oil and run up a 12-foot platform using a rope to get up.

At the top of the platform, they had to pour their bucket of oil into a well, causing a ball to rise. The first team to fill their well and get the ball above the red line would win.

The Challenge stars Nia Moore and Rodrigo Cascon in the oiled up elimination
The Challenge: World Championship’s Nia Moore and Rodrigo Cascon in the Oiled Up elimination event. Pic credit: Paramount+

Rodrigo admitted he was feeling pain in his leg. He spilled his bucket of oil all over one side of the ramp at one point, but he and Nia kept going. However, Benja and Jodi won the elimination to oust Nia and Rodrigo from the game. That left only Benja from Team Argentina.

Nia was in tears, saying she wished she could’ve done more for her teammate who sacrificed his body for this. Jodi said now that they’d won, they were going back to the house to shake things up.

The episode closed with Sarah talking about how she’s not stupid when it comes to the game, so the Legends need to play these games with someone else.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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