The Challenge: World Championship’s Danny McCray calls castmate a ‘snake’ as fans react to Episode 5

danny mccray in the challenge world championship
Danny McCray realized his Survivor ally was a “snake” in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 5. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

After winning The Challenge: USA, former Survivor star Danny McCray arrived to The Challenge: World Championship looking to play the game.

However, he and his ally Sarah Lacina quickly realized that the MTV Legends wanted to play things safe rather than doing what was best for the USA MVPs.

That’s led to some early friction between Danny and his teammate, Tori Deal, as she wanted to protect her former fiance, Jordan Wiseley, from possible elimination.

In World Championship Episode 5, viewers saw Danny’s frustration finally create a dramatic situation with the latest elimination vote.

It also exposed someone Danny had felt was an ally as more of a “snake,” as he recently called them out on Twitter.

This report may contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship through Episode 5.

Danny McCray calls his World Championship castmate a ‘snake’ after Episode 5

The fifth episode of The Challenge: World Championship brought some drama regarding the latest deliberation. After Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris won the daily challenge and Wes Bergmann placed last with partner Zara Zoffany, the rest of the cast had to vote for two possible elimination teams.

Most MTV Legends had a plan for what they wanted to happen. However, various players and alliances had their own ideas of what they wanted to happen. In particular, Danny and Sarah were sick of letting their Legends teammates dictate the flow of the game.

With that, a tie arrived during the voting as two teams received the same number of votes. They were Australia’s Yes Duffy with Emily Seebohn and UK’s Jordan Wiseley with Kaz Crossley.

During the voting, Danny realized that despite his earlier conversation with Ben Driebergen about how they’d vote, Ben went in a different direction than what they’d talked about.

“Bro… Ben is a snake….I knew it but to see it play it out is crazy,” Danny tweeted upon watching the episode play out.

danny mccray tweets challenge world championship
Danny McCray tweets about his castmate in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

He also replied to several comments, including his Survivor friend and The Challenge: USA castmate Domenick Abbate who said, “Ben doing Ben things,” to which Danny said, “Infuriating.”

the challenge usa winner danny mccray fan comments
Danny McCray replies to tweet comments. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Based on the episode footage, Danny and Tori had a chance to vote for Yes and Emily to break up a deliberation tie, which is what Tori wanted to save Jordan. However, Danny wanted to try to send Jordan into the elimination against Wes so that a strong player would go home. So he named two other teams, leaving things tied.

With that, a stalemate arrived as the cast couldn’t agree on two teams to send in. Later, host TJ Lavin invoked the “stalemate rule” at The Arena, telling Darrell and Kiki to choose which team to send into elimination as the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Fans and critics react to Danny’s tweet about The Challenge spinoff episode

Danny’s tweet brought fans and critics into the comments section to give their feedback about what Danny said, including several who praised the former Survivor star and Sarah for carrying the season so far.

“Danny hands down becoming one of my favorite competitors all time. Not afraid of anyone. And a champ his rookie season? Guys a legend in the making for @TheChallenge,” one fan commented.

fan reacts to danny mccray tweet about ben
A fan reacts to Danny’s tweet about Ben. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Another commenter referred to Danny as “KING,” while another individual said Danny and Sarah were “kicking a**” and had the “Vets freaking out.”

“No one has challenged the vets in years and this has made the series stale in recent years. I love the gameplay and alliance with Grant and Emily,” the commenter said.

commenters react to danny tweet about ben
Fans react to Danny’s tweet about Ben. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

At least one critic brought up how Ben might be at the bottom of The Challenge: USA alliance involving Justine Ndiba, Sarah, and Danny, questioning what incentive he’d have to vote Danny’s way.

fan questions danny mccray tweet about his castmate ben
A critic questions Danny’s tweet about castmate. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

It’s clear that Danny came to play the game and wants to win that money. Monsters and Critics previously reported that Danny’s wife, Kiki McCray, seemingly threw shade at Danny’s teammate Tori over her gameplay.

As mentioned, the latest episode of The Challenge: World Championship ended on a cliffhanger with the power in Darrell and Kiki’s hands to decide which team goes into elimination. Will Kiki go after one of her Australian castmates, or will Darrell convince her to play things safely to gain favor with the rest of the MTV Legends?

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