The Challenge: Danny McCray says World Championship Legend’s elimination ‘came full circle’

danny mccray in the challenge world championship
Danny McCray reacted to a Legend’s elimination from The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount Plus

The Challenge: World Championship has been bringing entertainment, thanks to its cast featuring spinoff show MVPs and MTV Legends.

Among the standouts is The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray, who chose Tori Deal as his partner but didn’t want to play the game how she and her MTV allies wanted him to.

In World Championship Episode 7, he seemed to jump on board with Tori and Johnny Bananas’ gameplan but then watched as a few others pulled off a big move with their votes.

It led to a surprising elimination matchup featuring two all-time greats from The Challenge, with Danny watching from the stands.

It also led to one Legend being ousted, and that individual mentioned the lack of help he and his teammate got in The Arena event.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship.

The Challenge Legend eliminated from World Championship

As mentioned, Episode 7 of the World Championship spinoff brought an epic matchup thanks to a mastermind pre-vote plan that KellyAnne Judd worked out with others on her side. She convinced Jodi Weatherton and Darrell Taylor’s teams to go along with it, as they didn’t want to go into elimination.

Kaycee Clark and Ben Driebergen also helped sway the vote, as they didn’t want to create a stalemate again. Ben felt that if they created a stalemate again, he and Kaycee would be sent back in at The Arena. That resulted in the teams of Johnny Bananas with Justine Ndiba and Sarah Lacina with Theo Campbell going into elimination.

The daily challenge winners chose Bananas and Justine to go into The Arena against daily challenge losers Jordan Wiseley and Kaz Crossley. It was Jordan’s third time facing Bananas, and the third time was the charm as he got the win, sending Bananas home.

The event featured castmates pulling down empty barrels stacked with symbols on their tops. They had to place specific barrels in a large grid to match the answer key’s arrangement of the symbols and then press a buzzer before their opponent.

During the event, Tori yelled a bit of help to her ex Jordan to “pay attention to details.” There was a barrel featuring a smiling sun face, but Bananas and Justine had used a frowning sun face barrel, making their grid incorrect.

The footage showed Jordan swapping out the sun barrel during the event, as Tori seems to have assisted him. There were also parts of the event where other castmates yelled advice to Jordan and Kaz.

The Challenge’s Danny McCray calls out elimination help

Taking to Twitter and Instagram after the episode arrived on Paramount Plus, Danny fired off several tweets reacting to what happened. He praised several castmates for their big move resulting in the vote going their way and getting rid of a seven-time champion.

Danny also shared a clip from MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, featuring Bananas and his partner Nany Gonzalez watching an elimination. At the time, they were the daily challenge winners and chose Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran and Tamara Alfonso to go into elimination against rookies Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez.

The elimination involved a matching game where teammates would race back and forth to a large puzzle board to flip over tiles. The objective was to match all the tiles on the board before the opposing team.

During the event, most of the cast was yelling advice and help down to the rookies since Turbo had rubbed a lot of castmates the wrong way. Bananas mentioned in his confessional that part of the game was gaining allies and working people, something Turbo failed to do.

Ultimately, the advice and tips from the rest of the cast watching helped the rookies defeat the former War of the World winner, sending him and Tamara home.

“this came full circle…and we didn’t see the Sun but many people did..,” Danny wrote over his IG Story slide with the clip, also tagging his ally Sarah Lacina.

danny mccray ig story about bananas ride or die
Danny McCray reacts to a video featuring Johnny Bananas on Ride or Dies. Pic credit: @dannymccray40/Instagram

A part of the Ride or Dies reunion featured a spotlight on whether castmates helping during eliminations should be part of the game. Most of the cast at the reunion seemed okay with it, including Jordan and Bananas. Jay Starrett was against it, as he and teammate Michele Fitzgerald lost an elimination against Olivia and Horacio due to castmates yelling to help them.

Danny shares why he didn’t help Legend during the Episode 7 elimination

A Twitter user also asked Danny why he didn’t help Bananas since Danny seemed to want Jordan out of the game so badly.

Danny replied it was due to where he was standing to watch the event, so he couldn’t see Bananas and Justine’s grid set up with the barrels.

danny responds to fan asking about world championship episode 7
Danny McCray replies to a question about World Championship elimination. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Danny still wants Jordan out of the game but missed the opportunity with the Episode 7 elimination. However, even if Danny didn’t get what he wanted with Jordan going home, he probably wasn’t disappointed to see a seven-time champion ousted ahead of The Challenge: World Championship final.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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