The Challenge: Danny McCray reacts to KellyAnne Judd and Ben Driebergen’s World Championship moves

the challenge world championship star danny mccray
Survivor star Danny McCray in The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray had been looking to shake things up once he arrived at the World Championship spinoff but was having trouble doing so due to his teammate.

He chose Legends partner Tori Deal who came with several built-in allies in the game, including her ex Jordan Wiseley.

However, Danny felt getting Jordan out of the game ahead of the final was the move to make, and he continually pushed for that, despite Tori’s arguing against it.

It forced a stalemate in the voting in Episode 5, with host TJ Lavin invoking a stalemate rule at the elimination. That led to the daily challenge winners getting to choose one team to send into the elimination.

By Episode 7, Danny seemingly got a gift due to how the teams finished in the daily challenge, Tunnel Time.

However, castmates KellyAnne Judd and Ben Driebergen, among others, orchestrated a powerful move to send one of the top Legends home.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7.

In World Championship Episode 7, the MVPs were tasked with going into a dark underground tunnel and using a special light to identify country flags on the walls. Once they had those flag totals, they’d climb back up to the surface and head to a puzzle station, where they plugged the numbers into multiplication equations.

Upon solving the equations, they added all the answers together to get one large number, which was the combination for a lock. They used the combo to open a lock freeing their chained-up partners. Once they had freed their teammate, both raced to a finish line to ring a bell.

The team that got it done the fastest was Yes Duffy and Emily Seebohm, likely due to Yes’ math skills and Emily’s athletic abilities.

However, one team had the worst performance of any team in the event: Kaz Crossley and Jordan, who timed out. Due to their finish, they automatically went into the elimination matchup at The Arena. That gave Danny what he wanted without him having to vote.

Ahead of voting to determine two teams that Yes and Emily could choose between for Kaz and Jordan to face, Team USA had a meeting of its minds to try to get on the same page.

That included Tori, Johnny Bananas, Theo Campbell, Sarah Lacina, Danny, Ben Driebergen, and Kaycee Clark. They came up with a plan to try to put Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso into elimination, along with Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris.

Tori said they needed another vote and said she’d talk to KellyAnne Judd about it. However, that backfired, as KellyAnne didn’t forget that Bananas, Tori, Sarah, and Theo had voted against her and her partner several times before.

KellyAnne got Jodi, Darrell, Troy, and Amber on board with their plan to vote for Bananas, his teammate Justine Ndiba, and Sarah and Theo.

When it came to Ben and Kaycee’s turn to vote, Ben realized if he voted the way the rest of Team USA wanted, it would result in another stalemate.

He didn’t want him and Kaycee going into elimination a second time, so he voted for Sarah and Theo as one of his teams. Ultimately, the voting shook things up, making the two teams Bananas with Justine and Theo with Sarah.

At the elimination event, Jordan finally defeated Bananas in his third elimination against him, sending the seven-time champion home with his MVP partner Justine.

Danny praises castmates for World Championship moves

Following Episode 7’s arrival on Paramount Plus, Danny was reacting to what his castmates did to develop and bring about a powerful move in the game.

That included a shout-out for KellyAnne, Darrell, and Yes, as he felt the three Legends brought together the successful plan that resulted in Bananas being sent home from the championship spinoff.

“Shout out @KellyAnneJudd @mtvrrdarrell @actvstArchitect and everyone that banded together to shake things up. #TheChallengeWorldChamp,” Danny tweeted on Wednesday evening.

danny mccray gives shout out to darrell kellyanne and yes
Danny praises Darrell, KellyAnne, and Yes from The Challenge. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

He followed that up with a surprising tweet in which he praised Kaycee and Ben for making the decision they did for their vote.

“And Kaycee and Ben for making the best move for them… very smart! #TheChallengeWorldChamp,” Danny tweeted.

danny mccray tweets about ben and kaycee
Danny McCray tweets about Ben and Kaycee. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

Monsters and Critics previously reported about the strained friendship and alliance that Danny once had with Ben. It included Danny calling Ben a snake after an early episode where Ben went against a voting plan that Danny tried to get him onboard with.

More recently, Ben called his castmate “two-faced” during a podcast appearance based on how he felt his commentary on World Championship wasn’t matching how he acted toward him on the show. Ben also claimed he thought Danny had blocked him on Instagram.

Based on Danny’s recent tweet tagging Ben, perhaps these two can still be amicable and work together again on a future show.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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