The Challenge: World Championship Episode 9 recap: Danny McCray and Tori Deal try to finally work together

danny mccray in the challenge world championship episode 9
Danny McCray in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 9. Pic credit: Paramount+

Eight teams remained in the World Championship competition after the previous elimination saw Kaycee Clark and Troy Cullen defeat Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso.

Kaycee and Troy had become a new team. That was due to Troy’s partner Amber Borzotra exiting the game because she wasn’t feeling well and determined she was pregnant.

The cast headed out to a bar or restaurant after the previous elimination. Tori Deal chatted with her partner Danny McCray about how they keep clashing over gameplay but need to work together since it’s getting close to the final.

Danny said in confessional they haven’t been on the same page because Tori has two No. 1 players in the game: Jordan Wiseley and Kaycee. Danny said his allies are Sarah Lacina, Emily Seebohn, and Yes Duffy.

Back at the house, Tristan Phipps tried to arrange an alliance with Kaz Crossley, with whom he won The Challenge: UK. Tristan and Kaz worked out that if either side had to say the other’s name to let one another know and not do it sneakily.

KellyAnne Judd and Kiki Morris spoke about keeping their alliance intact despite Amber leaving the game. Kiki said in confessional that she’s gone through a lot in her life and wants to prove to other women that they can overcome obstacles and do whatever they put their minds to.

The Challenge daily event is Transformers-inspired

Host TJ Lavin made a grand entrance in a dune buggy with explosions going off alongside the dirt track. He said today’s challenge was inspired by the new movie Transformers: Rise of the Beast.

It involved two side-by-side semi-trucks. Actor Anthony Ramos appeared to hype up the movie with footage, providing an intro to the daily challenge.

For Highway Hijacking, one teammate was on top of a semi-truck (inspired by Optimus Prime) traveling over 50 miles per hour and had to jump to the other truck next to it to grab a key. Then they had to jump back to the other truck, race to a box, unlock it and hit a red button.

Their teammate was waiting in the driver seat of a dune buggy in the back of a semi. Once their partner hit the red detonator button on top of the truck, an explosion went off at the back of the truck. The person in the buggy then slammed on the gas and drove out the back of the truck, racing to the finish line.

theo campbell in challenge world championship episode 9
Theo Campbell during the daily challenge in World Championship Episode 9. Pic credit: Paramount+

Theo Campbell and Sarah set the pace by going first and crushing it. During Yes and Emily’s attempt, they seemed on pace to do well. However, when Emily crossed the finish line in the buggy, she hit the brakes, and her vehicle rolled over several times in a scary scene.

Castmates were concerned as medics checked her out and helped her get out of the buggy. She was in tears but said it just felt like some whiplash and brushed it off to rejoin the competition. Tori also had a wipeout in her buggy but was fine and asked if she’d crossed the finish line.

The two fastest teams were Sarah with Theo and Jordan with Kaz. TJ revealed it was Jordan and Kaz who won the daily, which also gave them two tickets to the premiere of the new Transformers movie. While all teams completed the daily, the slowest time was Kiki Morris with Darrell Taylor.

KellyAnne Judd attempts to make more moves before the cast votes

After the cast returned to the house, KellyAnne started talking to various castmates about putting in Sarah and Theo or Tori and Danny. She chatted with Emily, then Kaycee, and then Yes.

Tristan tried to reason with KellyAnne and tell her to calm down in her approach. She told him these were people she knew well, so she could talk to them how she wanted.

Jordan, Tori, Sarah, and Danny chatted in another room about what to do. Jordan said they need to vote for KellyAnne and Tristan today, then Emily and Yes next week. Sarah and Danny agreed since they were trying to get to the final together.

However, Sarah seemed to be telling Tori what she wanted to hear. They ended up doing a rock, scissors, and paper to determine which of the two teams they’d vote for this week.

At the voting session, Tori and Danny voted KellyAnne with Tristan and a burn vote on themselves. KellyAnne was in tears at the table during the vote. She voted for Tori with Danny and Sarah with Theo.

The two teams with the most votes were Tori with Danny and Tristan with KellyAnne. Kaz tried to reason with Jordan about potentially putting Danny and Tori in if it’s a Hall Brawl or something they could win. Jordan wasn’t having it, and Kaz felt left out of the team decision.

KellyAnne gave Tristan some flowers and a muffin since it was also his birthday on elimination day.

Who went home in World Championship Episode 9 elimination?

There were no surprises regarding which team went in at The Arena, as Jordan and Kaz put KellyAnne with Tristan against Darrell with Kiki. Kaz apologized to Tristan for the decision since she never told him before.

The elimination event was Hands Off. The two partners each had a giant chopstick to pick up and move puzzle pieces with their partner. They had to move each puzzle piece across an obstacle course with ramps and stairs to a solving station.

Once they had collected all the puzzle pieces, they had to assemble the tangram puzzle correctly. The first team to get it done would win, while the losers got sent home.

kiki morris and darrell taylor in the challenge world championship episode 9
Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris in The Challenge: World Championship elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

The two teams had to focus on moving steadily and calmly so they wouldn’t drop pieces along the course, which included moving up beams and stairs. Out of nowhere, Darrell and Kiki caught up to KellyAnne and Tristan, eventually overtaking them with more pieces.

KellyAnne and Tristan got all their pieces to the station soon after Darrell and Kiki did, so it was a race to complete the puzzle.

Darrell and Kiki assembled theirs correctly first to barely defeat KellyAnne and Tristan. TJ commended everyone on the elimination, especially recognizing the global MVPs Tristan and Kiki for their performances. During an exit confessional, KellyAnne was impressed with what she and Tristan accomplished in the game.

TJ sent Darrell and Kiki to rejoin the group, now down to seven teams. TJ told everyone to stay ready and get some rest because they’d need it.

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