The Challenge: Danny McCray shares ‘how it really went’ with teammate Tori Deal in World Championship voting

danny mccray during the challenge world championship episode 8 voting
Danny McCray in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

Based on recent comments from The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray, an argument between himself and partner Tori Deal in the World Championship spinoff involved more than was shown.

In fact, he might have offered his World Championship castmate a hefty sum of money to ensure she’d vote a certain way.

The duo has been featured in numerous disputes during the season’s deliberations, most of which have come down to Tori wanting to protect her friends. In contrast, Danny wants them eliminated before the final.

In Episode 8, the partners clashed yet again, leading to a dramatic situation where Tori got called out for her voting situation by a few castmates, yet stood her ground.

It ultimately led to Tori’s friend going into the elimination, even though Danny and Tori didn’t vote for them, keeping another ally in the game.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship episodes.

Tori and Danny argued over their World Championship ‘burn vote’

In World Championship Episode 8, Danny wanted to vote for Kaycee Clark and Troy Cullen, a new team that formed after Amber Borzotra exited the game. However, Tori refused to say Kaycee’s name as she considers her a close friend.

Instead, Tori wanted to burn one of her and Danny’s two votes on them, which had Danny questioning the move, as other teams could throw votes at them to go into elimination.

Despite his dismay and arguing with Tori against the idea, they still burned their vote on themselves, with Tori seeming to decide for them.

That sent Kaycee and Troy into The Arena as one of two potential teams, with the other being Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris. The daily challenge winners, KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps, opted to put Kaycee and Troy against Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso.

Kaycee and Troy won the event, sending Jodi and Benja home. That meant Tori’s ally was back in the game, although it also meant the new solid team was still competing to reach and possibly win the final.

Danny claims he offered Tori money to vote for the other team

Taking to Twitter after the episode arrived, Danny was sharing his thoughts, including him telling fans there was an additional part of his and Tori’s dispute over the vote.

“How it really went,” he wrote, followed by, “Danny: we have to vote for Kaycee..she voted for us.”

“Tori: Kaycee gave me 50 thousand dollars I can’t do that!” Danny shared in his tweet.

He then indicates he told her he’s “got 50 thousand for you right now… get wallet for me!!”

However, based on Danny’s tweet, Tori still told him she wanted to burn the vote on them rather than say Kaycee’s name.

danny mccray shares how things went with tori deal
Danny McCray shares thoughts after World Championship Episode 8. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

It’s unclear if Danny is joking with his tweet or if he actually said it to his teammate Tori. It’s worth noting that the prize for winning The Challenge: World Championship final is $500,000, which seems like it’s split between two castmates, without prizes for runner-up teams.

That would mean Danny’s $50,000 is a fifth of what he’d win before taxes are taken out. However, he played in the NFL from 2010 until 2015 with the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. Danny also won $245,500 in prize money from winning The Challenge: USA spinoff on CBS last year.

Of course, Tori recently took home some substantial winnings herself alongside teammate Devin Walker on MTV’s Ride or Dies. The duo claimed a $1 million prize for winning the final before sharing $38,000 apiece with the other six finalists.

Danny says there’s ‘no hate’ by him toward Tori

With his tweet above, Danny also reacted to a fan in the comments who said, “We all HATE Tori.”

danny mccray of the cchallenge tweet
Danny McCray replies to a fan’s comment about Tori. Pic credit: @dannydmac44/Twitter

“No hate… just about game play for me,” Danny wrote, seemingly indicating he and Tori are on friendly terms despite their bickering over votes on The Challenge: World Championship.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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