The Challenge: World Championship Episode 8 recap: Amber Borzotra is down with the sickness

amber borzotra in the challenge world championship episode 7
Amber Borzotra in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

After a recap of the last episode’s events, host TJ Lavin revealed only nine teams left in the game. The latest installment opened with elimination winners Jordan Wiseley and Kaz Crossley celebrating the win as everyone returned to the house.

Theo Campbell talked about sending KellyAnne Judd and Tristan Phipps into elimination next since they pulled off a plan to break up Team USA. Tristan admitted in confessional he wasn’t feeling good at all.

Ben Driebergen and Amber Borzotra also revealed they were really sick. Amber wanted to push through her sickness.

Troy Cullen talked to his partner Amber about making a big move in the game, but she just wanted to get better. Ben and Tristan were both feeling they couldn’t get out of bed.

Sarah Lacina was asking Ben, who was stuck in bed if there was anything she could do for him. She said in confessional despite their differences, she’s still a human and wants him to be OK.

Kaycee Clark spoke to Jordan about being concerned about her partner’s teammate. KellyAnne and Tristan talked in a bedroom about how Tristan felt he couldn’t go further in the game. KellyAnne was disappointed because she thought they had a real chance to win.

Medics escorted Ben out of his bed with IV tubes connected to him and transported him to the hospital in an ambulance. Tristan revealed Kaz gave him a pep talk to keep going for KellyAnne, so he went to the daily challenge site.

The daily challenge is TJ’s favorite game with Ripcard Roulette

At the daily challenge site, TJ revealed that Ben was in the hospital and was medically unable to continue. He told Kaycee that meant they were losing her as well. Castmates hugged her to comfort her.

A teary-eyed Amber spoke up and said she was not feeling well either. She asked TJ if it was OK if she and Kaycee could swap places, giving Kaycee her partner Troy.

In a confessional, Amber said she was glad she listened to her body and revealed she is pregnant. Troy congratulated her on the exciting news, which Monsters and Critics reported Amber revealed before this show.

For the daily challenge, it was TJ’s favorite game: trivia. Teammates were in harnesses hanging 21 feet over the side of a tall building. TJ then asked them trivia questions.

the challenge world championship episode 8 daily
The Challenge: World Championship Episode 7 brought TJ’s trivia back in Ripcord Roulette. Pic credit: Paramount+

They had to pull one of five ripcords with each question they got wrong. They could tell another team to pull a ripcord if they got a question right. One of the ripcords would send them plummeting while the other ripcords were safe.

The team that stayed up the longest in each heat won. The three losing teams went into a loser’s heat. The team that lost that heat automatically went into elimination.

Darrell Taylor and Kiki Morris won Heat 1 over Kaycee, with Troy and Emily with Yes. Heat 2 went to Jordan and Kaz over Jodi with Benja and Theo with Sarah. Tristan and KellyAnne won Heat 3 over Tori Deal with Danny McCray.

It came down to Tristan with KellyAnne against Darrell with Kiki, and Jordan with Kaz. Tristan and KellyAnne won the daily challenge despite Tristan still feeling ill. The losing team was Benja and Jodi.

Danny and Tori clash again during The Challenge deliberation vote

Emily and Yes started things off by voting for the two Australian teams, surprising them. Emily didn’t feel they’d have her back to the end. Tori and Danny gave themselves a vote, along with Kiki and Darrell.

Darrell and Kiki got four votes, but two other teams got three, so they had to vote again to decide on a second team.

That brought a tough situation as Tori didn’t want to say Kaycee’s name. Danny told her they needed to focus on their safety in the game. Sarah spoke up and reminded Tori this is the game she keeps signing up to play.

In confessional, Sarah said Tori had her “head shoved so far up Kaycee’s a** she can’t even see right now.”

Tori kept going on about how complicated things were and how she wished Danny had never picked her as a partner because he would’ve had a way easier game. Tori burned her vote again on her and Danny because she wouldn’t vote for Kaycee.

Kiki was hot over Emily’s moves against them and told Darrell they would get rid of her when they could.

Who won the Spin Me Round elimination in World Championship Episode 8?

The nominated teams for elimination were Darrell with Kiki and Troy with Kaycee. Daily challenge winners, KellyAnne and Tristan, chose to send in Troy and Kaycee against Jodi and Benja.

The game was Spin Me Round. It involved two giant rotating platforms in the middle of The Arena. There were also two walls blocking two answer keys.

One teammate was on the rotating platform. Their partner had to turn a heavy crank moving their partner’s platform so they could see over the wall to the answer key and relay a pattern of colorful symbols to their partner. Once they dropped the handle, their partner’s platform would wobble toward the ground, causing some dizziness.

the challenge jodi and benja in world championship spin me round event
Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso in The Challenge: World Championship Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

The first team to recreate their answer key exactly would win the elimination while the losers were out. Kaycee and Troy communicated well, but Benja struggled to relay some key details to Jodi.

Ultimately, Troy and Kaycee assembled their puzzle correctly with all the correct symbols on the first try. Other teams realized they would be a force in the game now. Jodi was upset about losing and crying. Troy told Jodi her kids would be proud of her performance.

Jodi said this whole Challenge was an “uphill battle,” but she hoped they made everyone in Argentina proud. KellyAnne was sad to see one of their allies leave. An emotional Benja said he was the last Argentinan player standing in the game.

As the episode ended, Danny said his partner Tori has too many relationships in the game, and he needs to get one of her allies out: Jordan or Kaycee.

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