The Challenge: Sarah Lacina reveals Tori Deal’s unaired remarks from World Championship Episode 8 clash

sarah lacina in the challenge world championship
The Challenge: USA winner Sarah Lacina called out Tori Deal during and after World Championship Episode 8. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

During The Challenge: World Championship episodes, most teammates are working together toward a common goal of getting to the final and becoming the first-ever Challenge world champions.

However, one pair of castmates is struggling to work effectively when it comes to making their team decisions, as they each have a different idea about how their votes should go.

The Challenge: USA’s Danny McCray and MTV’s Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal have clashed multiple times when the cast has gone into deliberation, attempting to vote for two potential teams for the elimination matchup.

In one episode, it appeared to cause a stalemate since Danny refused to give in to Tori’s demands about how they should vote because he wanted her ex Jordan Wiseley out of the game before the final.

More recently, it brought more arguing between the two teammates as Tori refused to say a certain castmate’s name in World Championship Episode 8 voting.

Following the episode’s arrival on Paramount Plus, Danny and Sarah Lacina brought up how there were additional comments that Tori made that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Tori and Danny clashed again in The Challenge: World Championship

Only nine teams remained at the start of the eighth episode of the World Championship spinoff. It became eight teams after multiple cast members became seriously ill. The Challenge: USA and Survivor star Ben Driebergen was forced to leave the game as he was medically disqualified. That left Kaycee Clark without a teammate but only temporarily.

Amber Borzotra revealed ahead of the daily challenge that she also felt sick. She asked host TJ Lavin if it would be OK for Kaycee to take her partner Troy Cullen while Amber left the show. TJ went for it, and Amber revealed in a confessional she was, in fact, pregnant.

That created a new superteam of Spies, Lies & Allies winner Kaycee and The Challenge: Australia winner Troy. Other teams saw them as a threat, and that brought votes their way during the deliberation in the episode.

However, Tori refused to say Kaycee’s name and argued with Danny over this. He told her their interest should be their survival in the game as a team, but Tori insisted on burning one of their votes on them rather than voting for Kaycee and Troy.

During the argument, Sarah jumped in to remind Tori that despite it being a difficult spot to be in, this is what Tori signs up for season after season.

Sarah also mentioned in a confessional how Tori should be working with her partner Danny, not Kaycee, but “she’s got her head shoved so far up Kaycee’s a** she can’t even see right now.”

Sarah and Danny comment about Tori’s additional remarks

Several of The Challenge super fans and insiders have shared a screenshot of comments circulating that appear to be from an Instagram comment section. The remarks include Danny and Sarah continuing the discussion about Tori arguing with Danny about possibly voting for Kaycee.

“they left out the craziest part of that though,” Danny wrote, with someone asking him to “bring us the tea.”

A few comments later, Sarah chimes in to reveal even more of what Tori said during deliberation that didn’t make it into the final footage.

“the part where she says she gave me $50,000? Or the she’s my best friend you guys can’t expect me to vote for her?” Sarah asked, adding a facepalm emoji with it.

“lol just crazy……,” Danny replied.

danny mccray and sarah lacina comment about tori deal challenge world championship
Danny and Sarah continued to call out Tori after World Championship Episode 7. Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Sarah’s $50,000 remark refers to Kaycee and partner Chris “CT” Tamburello winning a $1 million prize on Spies, Lies & Allies, and then getting the option to give some of their money to the other finalists. They decided to give each of the other four finalists, which included Tori, $50,000 apiece.

Tori, Kaycee, and others have been criticized in recent MTV seasons as being part of the “Vacation Alliance,” a group of castmates who take a trip during their Challenge offseason so they can become closer friends heading into the game. That usually serves them in how they vote to keep each other safe during an MTV season.

In Episode 8, the votes still ended up putting Troy and Kaycee into the elimination, which they won against Team Argentina’s Jodi Weatherton and Benja Alfonso.

As of this writing, Tori has yet to respond or react to the episode because she’s away for another project. However, it seems the mini-feud between her and her teammate and the new rivalry with Sarah may just be heating up for World Championship.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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