The Challenge’s CT Tamburello reveals celeb crush and addresses dating again amid divorce

Chris Tamburello from The Challenge
Chris “CT” Tamburello during MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Chris “CT” Tamburello is still dealing with a messy divorce which has yet to be finalized as details are being ironed out.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that he filed for divorce in November 2022 from Lilianet Solares after four years of marriage.

The divorce has included CT aging sole ownership of the home they’d been living in, but they’re still working out other details, including custody of their son, Christopher Jr., aka CJ.

CT dealing with his divorce apparently hasn’t stopped some fans from thinking he’s ready to get back on the market, even with a famous singer.

The five-time Challenge champion recently took to his Instagram Story to shut down the notion that he might’ve been shooting his shot with what he called his “celeb crush.”

In addition, CT mentioned that he’s been getting some DMs from eager fans coming his way as he’s become more active on social media and checking his messages.

CT addresses dating again, reveals a celebrity crush in his latest video confession

While CT hadn’t been quite as active on Instagram as other castmates, he’s picked up the pace since about mid-March. The Challenge star has shared a variety of different posts and also has been talking with fans via his Instagram Story.

Monsters and Critics reported that CT was back on his fitness journey and even teased returning to The Challenge with his working out, as he mentioned there are shorter seasons with all the spinoffs.

On Sunday, he was on his IG Story to address the idea that he might be back on the market or possibly shooting his shot at a famous singer.

“First off, nobody’s shooting their shot. No. Absolutely not. Im not ready for any of that,” CT shared in his clip. 

He explained that the song Whatever U Like by Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I. came on while he was doing laundry. 

“Figured I’d go check and see how Nicole’s doing. She looks great, by the way. And look, I appreciate the vote of confidence but let’s be honest, she’s in a different guys are giving me way too much credit,” a smirking CT said.

The Challenge star said the idea of dating again or “even going out to dinner” with someone gives him “anxiety.”

CT comments about women shooting their shots and fan interaction

In another part of his IG Story, CT seemed to suggest he was getting hit up by eager fans trying to get with him as he’s in the middle of his divorce.

The former Real World Paris star said he’d been getting lots of DMs on Instagram, as people were commenting about the various clips he shared to his IG Story.

“Lady, chill. You’re not Nicole,” CT joked, referring to the singer again.

“I don’t think anyone means anything by any of it. It’s just; I’m not ready for that,” CT said in his clip regarding women hitting him up in his DMs.

“I shoulda just said it’s my celeb crush because she kinda is…but I couldn’t imagine just like meeting a random person online through all the DMs and stuff,” he shared.

He returned to talking about how he’d made a clip that he posted, and commenters started tagging Scherzinger in it telling CT, “Shoot your shot, shoot your shot.”

He joked that he started putting in a variety of hashtags so he wouldn’t seem like “some creep trying to hit on her through Instagram.”

“The more people who kept saying stuff, the more hashtags I kept writing,” CT shared, adding jokingly, “Because I can’t say s**t around here.”

CT has yet to finalize his divorce, but it seems even if he had, he’s far from ready to begin dating again. However, it seems he’s enjoying interacting with the fans, possibly providing him some stress relief during his trying times.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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