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The Challenge spoilers: Eliminated Season 37 cast members seen together, sparking hookup rumors

the challenge double agents cast in episode 8
MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents season featured a few showmances amongst the cast. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge spoilers continue to arrive online about Season 37 cast members who are involved in drama, showmances, and being kicked off or eliminated from the show. As the new season seems to be rapidly approaching, so is plenty of rumors and gossip.

That includes a potential hookup involving two of The Challenge’s castmates who were eliminated or sent home at different points during filming. At least one of those cast members may have been involved in multiple showmances during filming.

Keep in mind, this report will feature The Challenge Season 37 spoilers including the names of several cast members and their eliminations from the show.

The Challenge star building history of showmances

When it comes to recent seasons of The Challenge, namely Double Agents, it seems that former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat has been looking to make a name for himself. He’s mentioned wanting to prove himself in the competition and also seems to be trying to find love within The Challenge house.

On Double Agents, episodes featured Fessy’s hookup with rookie Gabby Allen. There were rumors that Fessy hooked up with then-engaged cast member Tori Deal that also popped up. Tori was a featured topic during episodes, but she denied that she ever cheated on her fiance, Jordan Wiseley. The two broke up shortly after Tori had returned home from filming and later revealed their split in mutual social media posts about it.

It appears that Fessy has been involved in several showmances on Season 37 as well. Previous spoilers suggested a hookup with a veteran competitor linked to Fessy’s recent rival, Nelson Thomas. There were also rumors of Fessy’s hookup with a rookie castmate, Bettina Buchanan.

Those hookups were rumored to be during The Challenge Season 37 filming. Now rumors are popping up that Fessy could be getting to know another castmate after leaving the show. However, it could also be platonic or strategic in nature.

Challenge castmates spotted together post-filming

Various insider and fan accounts about The Challenge have circulated a new image that shows Fessy Shafaat and Survivor 32 winner Michele Fitzgerald recently hanging out. There’s no confirmation that the two are seeing one another, but it has prompted rumors about what Fessy is up to.

It’s unknown what the occasion was, as it could have been just a friendly meet-up following their eliminations from Season 37. They could have been plotting together for a future season of The Challenge, Survivor, Big Brother, or something else.

Michele appeared on Survivor 32 and also Winners at War. During the latter, she teamed up with a future Challenge rookie, Natalie Anderson, to form a strong alliance. So it’s always possible she’s doing some plotting outside of The Challenge to help her and Fessy reach the final and win in a future season.

the challenge season 37 stars hang out in instagram image
Pic credit: @jaychallenge._/Instagram

Of the two cast members, Michele is rumored to have been eliminated from Season 37 in the traditional sense. She and her teammate, fellow rookie Corey Lay, lost to a team that featured Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra and rookie Hughie Maughan. It’s unknown what the elimination event was or how soon in the episodes it will take place.

Meanwhile, Fessy didn’t lose an elimination. Instead, he was sent home due to an altercation with his castmate. Rumors suggest it wasn’t too serious but involved one of Fessy’s former friends and alliance members from recent seasons. So that could be a must-see episode for many fans.

Meanwhile, stay tuned as it appears Season 37 is coming in the near future, with the recent teaser clip, and rumors of upcoming cast member reveals!

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.