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The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Surprising details arrive about two cast members’ exits during filming

the challenge double agents host tj lavin talks to competitors
TJ Lavin is expected to return to host more of The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 is currently filming, with competitors battling for prize money at the end of the season. Right now, it’s unknown how much money that is, but other details are continuing to arrive about cast members’ drama, eliminations, and other exits.

While the format for teams, voting, and eliminations have all been potentially revealed, the alliances, backstabbing, or other doublecross moves are unknown. That may have led to at least one cast member’s exit.

Another exited the show in non-elimination fashion, bringing their chance to win a final to an end as well. Here are more details on the two stars’ surprising reasons for departure from the show.

Keep in mind, this report will contain potential spoilers for The Challenge Season 37 on MTV.

The Challenge competitors typically leave due to elimination

With the Double Agents season, viewers saw plenty of eliminations that sent different competitors off the show. In the case of Ashley Mitchell, she even returned to get eliminated a second time.

However, Season 36 also had many cast members depart the show for other reasons. For example, Natalie Anderson, a former Survivor winner, had an unexpected pregnancy which was revealed during filming. That was why Ashley Mitchell was allowed to replace her, despite being eliminated by Natalie in the first episode.

Lio Rush and Lolo Jones, also rookie competitors, left the show for different reasons without ever going into elimination. Lio was having traumatic memories of a place he grew up, and chose to depart the show for his own sanity and to help his family during the pandemic. Lolo indicated she was going to leave so she could focus on training for the Winter Olympics.

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While those competitors all left by their own decision, several didn’t get to choose. Nicole Zanatta, Liv Jawando, and Nam Vo were all medically disqualified due to injuries suffered during the competition. They weren’t clear to continue and therefore left the show.

Most of them will admit they wish those weren’t the circumstances, but it’s the nature of a tough competition. Luckily, there were no physical altercations that sent people home, but that may chance in the new season.

Two stars may have left Season 37 for different reasons

While there’s been a fair share of eliminations on The Challenge Season 37, two of the stars who were rumored to have been eliminated had to leave the show for other reasons.

Multiple-time Challenge competitor Aneesa Ferreira may have had some drama with at least one of the rookie competitors. However, it appears Aneesa suffered an injury at some point during Season 37, causing her to be medically disqualified and sent home.

That could mean she was hurt during an elimination, similar to what viewers saw happen to Kyle Christie against Fessy Shafaat during their Double Agents elimination. After hurting his finger in the first round of Hall Brawl, medical staff checked on Kyle’s injury for a while and deemed him unable to continue for a second round.

Speaking of Fessy, he was rumored to have lost an elimination in the new season. Apparently, that’s not the case, as his record will remain unblemished there. However, he is rumored to have been “deactivated” from Season 37 due to a physical altercation with Big Brother ally, Josh Martinez.

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Challenge insider @GamerVev tweeted out the rumored details about Aneesa and Fessy on June 1 (below).

challenge insider gamervev tweets about season 37 exits
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Both are certainly curious reasons for the former Double Agents teammates’ exits. For Fessy, it seemingly ends his streak of reaching the final in each of his Challenge appearances. For Aneesa, it seems to add to her history on the show in which she’s been unable to reach TJ’s final so many times. Luckily, she has All Stars Episode 9 highlight footage.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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