The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley reveals his toughest opponents and ‘Mount Rushmore’ of competitors

the challenge star jordan wiseley in confessional interview on total madness
Jordan Wiseley appeared on The Challenge: Total Madness season in 2020. Pic credit: MTV

Sine last appearing on Total Madness, three-time Challenge winner Jordan Wiseley has been enjoying his time away from the competitive series.

However, he’s still taking time to connect with fans and recently shared a new video full of Q&As which included numerous questions related to The Challenge.

Among his interesting replies were which castmates became good friends, who his toughest opponents have been, and who he’d put on a hypothetical “Mount Rushmore of The Challenge.”

Jordan reveals best friends from The Challenge

While viewers may have seen Jordan butting heads with castmates, including Johnny Bananas and Wes Bergmann on MTV’s The Challenge, he’s also dated castmates, been engaged to one, and made some good friends. That was one of the first big reveals he gave when answering fan questions.

“Surprising, I talk to Swaggy the most,” Jordan revealed, referring to Big Brother star Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, who appeared on Total Madness with him.

“I stayed really, really in touch with Zach [Nichols] and he keeps everything up to date with he and Jenna, you know they got a baby on the way, so congrats to them,” Jordan said.

“My boy Frank Sweeney. He and I have always been really, really close like brothers,” he shared, adding, “You know we fought like cats and dogs on The Challenge, but we got so much love for one another. He’s in Texas now. Shout out to Frank.”

He also brought up his “overseas people” including Georgia Harrison, Rogan O’Connor, Joss Mooney, and Kyle Christie.

“How could I forget. I probably stay closer in touch with Turbo than anybody else,” Jordan joked about his castmate from War of the Worlds 2. Turabi “Turbo” Çamkıran hasn’t been back on The Challenge since that incident where he wanted to fight Jordan due to drama while filming.

Jordan’s toughest opponents on The Challenge

He may have won three different seasons of The Challenge, but he’s had his fair share of tough losses along the way. Jordan was humble in revealing that when naming his toughest opponents of all-time on MTV’s show.

A fan asked his “biggest competitors” when it comes to daily challenges, eliminations, and the finals. Jordan said the question is “valid” since it “takes a different person to win each.”

“I think Johnny Bananas is really crafty, and he’s been doing it for like longer than I’ve been alive,” Jordan shared about who’s best in daily challenges.

“CT [Tamburello] is probably the scariest dude to go at against in elimination because he’s huge, so if I had to move him, that would be impossible, and he’s super smart, so he can do puzzles too,” he revealed.

Jordan added a lot of people might say Fessy Shafaat due to his last outing, where he lost to him in a Pole Wrestle on Total Madness.

“You know what? Still felt confident. I don’t feel like he’s that big of a threat because he’s a dummy. He got a really lucky elimination, so I’m going with CT,” Jordan said.

Jordan said he doesn’t “think there’s anybody else in the finals game” when he’s there. However, he brought up Derrick Kosinski and “probably Bananas” among tough opponents there.

Who’s on Jordan’s ‘Mount Rushmore of The Challenge?’

A fun question that’s been popping up quite a bit has been the “Mount Rushmore of The Challenge,” where various competitors reveal who the best of the best are in their minds.

Jordan named off his Mount Rushmore for both male and female cast members on MTV’s reality competition series. The fan asked him to choose four women and then three guys along with himself.

Jordan quickly named off Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria Sorbello as two of his all-time female competitors. Laurel made the final in her first four seasons and won on Free Agents, collecting a bit over $200,000 in prize money. Cara Maria has won two seasons with over $600,000 in prize money. She appeared in nine finals during her total of 14 seasons. 

“Now, who paved the way for the tough girls? Coral [Smith]. Coral gets to go up there for sure,” Jordan added. 

For his final pick he chose Paula Meronek, who he said is an “OG” and a “tough cookie.” 

For male competitors, his first three picks might be easy choices for himself and many fans. He started off with Johnny Bananas, CT, and Wes.

Jordan also added a fourth male competitor instead of himself, even though he’s won three titles in his time on the show.

“Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t put me up there. I’d put Landon [Lueck] up there,” he shared. Jordan said he’s only done six seasons of The Challenge and could still add more to his legacy, so for now Landon would get the spot.

Interestingly, Landon’s only done four seasons of the show but won three of them, including his final appearance, Fresh Meat II, in 2010. He’s also most likely a competitor many fans want to see return to the show for another title, possibly on the All Stars spinoff.

Many fans also want to see Jordan return, and while he hasn’t given a specific timeframe for that return, it seems he will be back someday. However, in a previous video he released, he said he wouldn’t return to the show if his ex-fiancee Tori Deal is there.

The Challenge Season 37 is TBA for 2021 on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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