The Challenge: Jordan Wiseley says he won’t return to the show if ex-fiancee Tori Deal is there

jordan wiseley during war of the worlds 2 season
Jordan Wiseley recently shared about his breakup with Tori Deal including his plans to return to The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

While it seems that three-time Challenge winner Jordan Wiseley is open to appearing on another season, it won’t be one with his former fiancee, Tori Deal.

The 31-year-old competitor recently opened up about his relationship and split on his official YouTube channel while speaking with Danny Pellegrino.

That included Jordan revealing details about other shows that had been in the works with MTV, the infamous “mug incident,” and his plans to not appear on The Challenge if Tori is on that season.

Jordan Wiseley opens up about Tori Deal split

On May 25, Jordan shared a video (below) of his sit-down with author, comedian, and podcast host Danny Pellegrino. During their talk, Jordan revealed quite a bit about his situation with former fiancee Tori Deal over the past year. Early in the interview, he spoke about his breakup and former relationship, even mentioning talks about other projects.

He said there were talks of a show based on his and Tori’s plans to get married and talks of shows about other couples planning weddings, including The Challenge stars Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols.

“In that moment? We were really on cloud nine,” Jordan told Danny, adding, “We were really looking forward to planning the future.”

Jordan shared they were also working on a variety of business ventures together, ranging from music to fitness ideas.

Things ended up falling apart, though, leading to a separation for a bit and then an official online statement about their breakup. The two revealed on social media they’d split up before The Challenge Season 36 episodes started to air on MTV, which Tori Deal was a cast member on.

“Before she left the house we had the discussion of ‘Hey, let’s agree we’re not gonna do interviews about this. We’re not gonna do anything. We’re going to make a statement when we’re good and ready and because we do owe that to the fans and that’s it,’’ Jordan shared.

“Her words, verbatim. ‘We’re gonna show the world how to break up maturely,’” Jordan shared that Tori told him.

“And then I see that she did this interview with Barstool whatever,” Jordan added, referring to Tori’s interview with Chicks in the Office.

That was the interview that caught Jordan off guard when he learned about things Tori said, including her saying they broke up before he went on The Challenge. Jordan reacted to the interview in an Instagram Story in which he said of Tori’s comments, “it’s news to me.”

He said he didn’t want to make a big deal of her comments because he didn’t want to do “the reality TV thing” with their relationship. However, he wanted to clear the air on the “false narrative.” Jordan shared that they had a text conversation about it all following his IG Story reaction.

Jordan won’t return to The Challenge if Tori is on

During Jordan and Danny’s discussion on YouTube, they delved more into some of the relationship situation between Jordan and Tori since their split. That included whether or not Jordan would ever appear on a show again with his former fiancee.

“So we’ve had phone calls and stuff since, and there was a mug incident,” Jordan shared, prompting Danny to ask what he was talking about.

Jordan told him about his Instagram post (below) in which one photo showed him standing outside holding a certain coffee mug. Tori responded in a now-deleted comment that it was her mug, but Jordan said when she moved out and took all her stuff, the things she left became his.

“But she didn’t call me. She did it in the f***ing comments,” Jordan said of the “messy” situation.

“I was like, ‘I win this. You can’t say anything because you’re on national television flirting with another guy,’” he added, referring to Tori’s situation with Double Agents castmate Fessy Shafaat.

Danny said MTV must have been calling Jordan once they saw all the drama unfolding from their breakup. Jordan confirmed they called and then he revealed his plans with The Challenge.

“I’m not going back with Tori,” Jordan said when Danny asked if he’d return to the show. 

“It’s not because I have a personal vendetta against them. It’s just that I know how television works,” Jordan said, adding that he knows they “can, do, and will” control the narrative of the story.

So fans will likely see Jordan return to try to win another championship at some point, just not with Tori on the show. Right now, Tori is away filming for Season 37, while Jordan is pursuing other competition with triathlons, but many fans will be eager to see his return to The Challenge at some point in the future.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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