The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann refers to Double Agents castmate as ‘real life villain’

the challenge double agents star wes bergmann during confessional
Wes Bergmann during The Challenge: Double Agents season interview. Pic credit: MTV

Wes Bergmann may have left his most recent season of The Challenge early, but he’s still quite connected to the show. In a recent post, he praised one of the OG cast members while calling another a “real life villain.”

His comments arrived following a podcast appearance that The Challenge: All Stars’ Jisela Delgado participated in, where she called out her castmate Aneesa Ferreira’s behavior and spilled some tea.

Now it appears, Wes is fully supporting the All Stars’ cast member’s comments about his longtime co-star’s “problematic and bullying behavior.”

Wes Bergmann comments on All Stars cast member’s tweet

A tweet arrived from two-time Challenge champion Wes Bergmann on May 27, in which he reacted to Jisela Delgado’s appearance and comments on the Challenge Mania podcast.

During her appearance, Jisela talked about many topics related to the All Stars season, including comments about castmate Aneesa Ferreira. As viewers saw, Jisela and Aneesa had a dramatic Episode 7. Their heated discussion took place after Aneesa apparently lied to Jisela about who she was going to vote for to go into elimination.

The two had been close friends before the All Stars drama, extending back to a previous season of The Challenge they did together. Based on recent interviews, and Jisela throwing shade at Aneesa, that doesn’t appear to be the case these days.

Jisela gave even more inside details during Challenge Mania, spilling some tea about Aneesa that hadn’t been revealed before. Wes, who has his own Patreon where he does Challenge recaps including All Stars, apparently got to listen to the interview.

“I listened to it. I loved it. I’m not surprised by any of the problematic & bullying behavior. And I do, in fact, love you even more than I did already. Thank you for blowing the whistle on this real life villain,” Wes said with his retweet of Jisela’s May 24 tweet.

wes bergmann refers to his castmate as real life villain
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

Jisela said Aneesa talked to her about Wes before All Stars

Ahead of them ever getting to quarantine for The Challenge: All Stars season, Jisela said that Aneesa mentioned Wes to her and her belief that he’d be part of the cast with them. She even talked to Jisela about forming an alliance to get him off the show “right away.”

Jisela told Challenge Mania podcast hosts Derrick Kosinski and Scott Yager how the pre-All Stars conversation went down.

“‘I think Wes is gonna be there,'” Jisela said Aneesa told her ahead of their appearance on the spinoff series.

“And [Aneesa] said, ‘We have to get Wes out right away.’ She’s like, ‘You’re not gonna like Wes, he’s this type of guy, he’s this type of guy,” she added.

There was also some discussion that OG cast member Coral Smith might be part of All Stars. Jisela said she told Aneesa she’d vote Wes into elimination in exchange for votes against Coral when needed.

However, once Jisela and Aneesa got to quarantine for the show, they learned who the other cast members were. Neither Wes nor Coral were part of the group. Even so, Jisela revealed that Aneesa asked her to help get Beth Stolarczyk off the show after they arrived.

Jisela was upset about that and went to production, saying Aneesa was trying to involve her in the “mean girl crew” on the show. The season eventually arrived on Paramount+ with fans and the OGs mostly happy to see everyone again. While it seemed Aneesa and Jisela started the season still as close friends, things eventually broke down between them over the alleged lies about voting.

Wes’s issues with Double Agents castmate

Meanwhile, Wes seems to still have issues with his castmate, who he’s appeared with on more than a few seasons of The Challenge, including the recent Double Agents.

Those issues stem from comments Aneesa made about him early in the Double Agents season, such as calling him “sneaky” along with her efforts to get him sent into elimination. Wes was sent into elimination in Episode 3, where he lost to his friend Devin Walker.

He later revealed a series of private messages between them after episodes had aired. In that conversation, Aneesa offered an apology outside of the show. Wes attempted to get her to tweet a particular statement about things, but she didn’t like part of it and wouldn’t agree to it, so the conversation ended.

Since then, it seems that much like Jisela, Wes is not one of Aneesa’s biggest fans based on all of the online comments that were made. That even included a recent interview in which he commented about his Challenge castmate, saying they’re “lying to the fans and themselves” about their fitness.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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