The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann says castmate has been ‘lying to the fans and themselves’

wes bergmann during his elimination interview on the challenge total madness
Wes Bergmann recently talked about one castmate he felt has issues with their fitness. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

When it comes to multiple-time champions on The Challenge, Wes Bergmann is amongst them with wins in two different seasons. One of those wins came on his own, while the other was teamed up with then-rival, Chris “CT” Tamburello.

However, some of his veteran castmates have been on many seasons and in a few finals but never took first place. That could be due to their level of athleticism or their way of viewing The Challenge.

Wes recently spoke about a specific individual, claiming they have been “lying to the fans and themselves” about one aspect of their Challenge career and success.

Wes comments about his veteran castmate from The Challenge

While appearing on a May 19 AListers interview, Wes addressed a number of topics related to The Challenge and some of his castmates. That included discussing why some of the cast members seem to have trouble with the physical fitness component of competing on the show.

Wes brought up how some individuals who come onto the show aren’t athletes due to their lack of an athletic background in sports competition. He even brought up how some cast members come from shows like Are You The One? and think they can do “Booty Bands” workouts for a year to prepare for The Challenge.

At the 10:33 mark of the interview (below), Wes brought up another example of why some individuals struggle with the fitness aspect, and said it was aimed one particular cast member.

“Some of them, and I’m thinking of one person in particular, but some of them dig themselves into such big holes where it’s just so daunting to try to dig themselves out. They don’t even know where to start and they also have been lying to the fans and themselves for so long about their level of in-shapenedness,” Wes shared.

He went on to compare it to the 12 Steps program used in Alcoholics Anonymous. He mentioned that the first step for overcoming addiction involves admitting that you have a problem. 

“I’d say that’s the first step for, you know, probably the most egregious example of who we’re probably all talking about,” Wes added. 

“There’s 11 more steps after that and they’re all hard ones, but the first one is to admit ‘Something’s wrong. I need help.’ You know because there’s only so many times you could say, ‘I’ve got heart. I’m going to leave it all out there. Why does everybody doubt me?’” Wes said.

The host said it seemed everyone knew who Wes was talking about. While Wes didn’t name the individual, it seems possible his comments were related to Aneesa Ferreira, who recently appeared on Double Agents, but failed to reach the final. She has never won a final during her Challenge career.

Even so, Aneesa has reached two finals in her 14 regular seasons of competition, and in a spoiler alert, based on her All Stars season, looked to be on pace for a potential run at the spinoff series’ first championship.

Wes had issues with castmate as Double Agents episodes aired

For The Challenge: Double Agents season, Wes found himself a target early and often by other competitors, as they worked to get rid of former winners of the competition show. He ultimately went home via elimination in the show’s third episode, making for an early exit for the two-time champion.

Following the airing of the first several episodes, Wes took exception to some of the comments that some of his castmates made about him in confessional interviews. That led to Wes calling those individuals out online or in interviews and even revealing a text conversation between him and Aneesa.

In that conversation, Aneesa had apparently offered an apology via text, with Wes telling her they were “good” because she already apologized in person. However, Wes also suggested that Aneesa make a specific statement about him on Twitter to clarify why she did and said things regarding him on Double Agents. Aneesa refused to do after Wes asked her to say that she disagreed with a particular comment she had made on air, and their conversation seemingly ended there.

During other episodes throughout the Double Agents season, Aneesa’s struggles were under the spotlight as far as male competitors expressing they didn’t want to be teamed up with her. She even called them out during a deliberation meeting for comments they made about her.

Aneesa ultimately survived until Episode 15, where she was eliminated by Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. That was just a few episodes before competitors officially got to the final.

Following the final, there was The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, which consisted of two episodes. Aneesa was part of the in-studio cast, while Wes did not appear in-studio, or through video conferencing like some other cast members did.

Even with her regular season over, Aneesa has been seen recently in The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+, where she starred amongst the 22 OG competitors. As of this report, she’s rumored to be off filming for Season 37 of The Challenge, while Wes has said he won’t be part of the cast.

The Challenge Season 37 is TBA on MTV for 2021. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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