The Challenge star throws shade at All Stars castmate with group photo of finalists

the challenge all stars cast members before rib cage pass challenge
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars season await their next daily event. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode has yet to be released for viewers, but one cast member may be hinting at more drama on the way.

The first season of the OG spinoff series recently released the finale episode, where one competitor walked away with $500,000 for placing first.

There were 12 finalists involved at the start, though, and two of them were feuding a bit in an episode prior to the final. Now, one of those cast members appears to be throwing more shade towards their castmate following their drama on the season.

Spoilers will follow for those who have yet to see The Challenge: All Stars through Episode 9.

Castmates involved in drama ahead of All Stars final

Several of the All Stars castmates entered the house as good friends, having built and established relationships off the show. That included Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Cooley who fans saw erupt in an argument during an early episode.

Later in the season, good friends Aneesa Ferreira and Jisela Delgado had a falling out of their own. This one involved a decision to vote a certain way when it came to the deliberation for elimination. Based on Jisela’s comments after the episode, Aneesa had told her she’d vote for Yes Duffy to go into elimination. However, Aneesa voted differently, sending in Nehemiah Clark.

Jisela wasn’t happy with Aneesa’s “lying” and how she was playing the game. She also revealed in later interviews off the show that she felt Aneesa was making her into part of her storyline for the All Stars season. According to Jisela, that story is where Aneesa has a good friend right up until the final but then stabs them in the back or plays her game, which is what Jisela believed Aneesa did to her.

Despite the drama, Jisela and her teammate Eric “Big Easy” Banks picked up a win in elimination, sending Nehemiah Clark and Kendal Sheppard home ahead of the final. Jisela and Big Easy were also qualified to be part of the 12-person final in Argentina with the other remaining castmates, including Aneesa.

Before the final started in All Stars Episode 8, Aneesa and Jisela were shown talking over what went down to clear the air. While it seemed they were good at the moment, Jisela revealed in a confessional shown during the episode that she wouldn’t forget about holding Aneesa accountable for what happened.

Since the episodes were released on Paramount Plus, Jisela has appeared on Aftermath episodes and in newer interviews. Jisela’s comments in those interviews along with her social media posts make it seem she and Aneesa may not be on friendly terms right now.

Jisela shares All Stars group photo featuring castmates

On Thursday, May 27, Jisela shared a photo on her Instagram Story which originally showed nine of the 12 competitors who were part of The Challenge: All Stars final.

They included Jisela who was seated on Alton’s lap, Darrell Taylor, Big Easy, Jonna Mannion, Yes Duffy, Jemmye Carroll, and KellyAnne Judd.

Aneesa appears to be the ninth individual in the photo. However, in the photo shared on Jisela’s IG Story (below), Aneesa’s face seems to be covered by an image of a finger snap and heart.

jisela delgado posts cast IG Story photo
Pic credit @withlovejisela/Instagram Story

The photo also features Instagram handles tagging five of the individuals in the photo. Jemmye, KellyAnne, Jonna, Big Easy, and Darrell were each tagged. Yes and Jisela apparently don’t follow one another on social media at the moment. Based on Jisela’s interview comments she talks regularly with Alton off the show, so she probably shared the photo with him another way.

Aneesa also received no tag in the photo, but she also is rumored to be off filming for her next season, The Challenge 37. However, this battle between two former friends may be far from over, based on Jisela’s latest post. The upcoming reunion may hold more details about what’s going on between Jisela and Aneesa.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion arrives on Thursday, June 3 on Paramount Plus.

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