Jisela Delgado of The Challenge: All Stars shares details about drama with castmate in Episode 7

jisela delgado discussed the challenge all stars drama on aftermath show
Jisela Delgado on The Challenge: All Stars Aftermath show for Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7 brought plenty of fireworks as more drama erupted between two good friends after a surprising decision at the deliberation meeting.

It arrived with TJ Lavin’s final for All Stars around the corner, adding to the intense situation, as one competitor was feeling the emotions of possibly not reaching the final.

Jisela Delgado of The Challenge: All Stars cast recently shared more details about her situation with her friend that brought the drama during Episode 7, claiming her castmate used her as part of “her storyline.”

Keep in mind, spoilers will follow for the latest episode of The Challenge: All Stars including the deliberation and elimination results.

Jisela was upset with All Stars castmate after deliberation

In the All Stars Episode 7 early moments, viewers saw footage talking about Jisela and Aneesa Ferreira’s strong friendship outside of The Challenge before they came onto the spinoff season. However, that may not be the case after the episode.

In the daily challenge, Jisela and Eric “Big Easy” Banks were last place amongst fellow competitors for the Rib Cage Pass event. That meant they had to go straight into elimination at The Arena.

They also didn’t get a vote regarding who their opponent would be, so they weren’t part of the deliberation. However, before the deliberation meeting happened, Jisela spoke with Aneesa and a few other castmates about how she thought the vote should go.

Jisela suggested they should vote for a men’s competitor who hadn’t gone into elimination before. She also said it shouldn’t be Derrick Kosinski since he was second-place in the daily event behind Mark Long. So that left Yes Duffy and Darrell Taylor as competitors who hadn’t gone into elimination. Nehemiah Clark’s name still came up, even though he’d won an elimination before.

At deliberation, Aneesa spoke on Jisela’s behalf to inform the voting cast members of her suggestion. However, the meeting took an interesting turn, as people voted how they felt was best, knowing TJ’s final was approaching. Nehemiah and Yes ended up getting three votes each, and then it was down to Aneesa as the tiebreaker. She voted for Nehemiah, which shocked some individuals, and had Jisela irritated later on.

Jisela confronted Aneesa during the cast’s time out at the bar later, accusing her of “stabbing her in the back.” Basically, Jisela suggested this is how Aneesa always plays the game on The Challenge. Aneesa claimed she never stabbed her in the back and told her she “played the game with integrity,” but Jisela wasn’t having it. Jisela said they were done as friends, and Aneesa told her she doesn’t end friendships “over this.”

Later at the elimination, Jisela and Big Easy were the winning team, as they defeated Nehemiah and Kendal Sheppard. That meant Jisela and Big Easy were headed to the final. Aneesa was also part of the cast going to the final. Nehemiah and Kendal were officially eliminated.

Jisela Delgado gives more details about The Challenge drama

Jisela appeared on The Challenge: Aftermath show following Episode 7. During the show, the drama came up, and Jisela shared more details about why Aneesa’s move rubbed her the wrong way. That included Jisela revealing that she went up to Yes and told him she wanted him to go into the elimination. That wasn’t shown in the episode.

Jisela then went on to talk more about why she had an issue with how her “friend” Aneesa voted at the deliberation.

“So the problem was when we came into the game, we were playing our game for ourselves, which is great. But she and I had a very candid conversation where I told her, I said, ‘Hey, it’s been brought to my attention that when you go on these Challenges, you kind of play out the same storyline, where you’re best friends, huggy, lovey-dovey with one person and then you flip on them, or you stab them in the back in the end at some point in the game. I don’t want that storyline for us,’” Jisela shared.

Unfortunately, Jisela feels Aneesa still made that their storyline, despite what she told her before. She explained that Aneesa flipped on her due to how she voted at the deliberation. According to Jisela on the Aftermath show, Aneesa told her to her face she would vote for Yes, and then voted for Nehemiah instead.

“I was like, ‘You did it to me. You’ve made me the storyline that you’ve done with all your other ‘friends’ and I don’t like it,’” Jisela said on Aftermath about Aneesa’s move.

It’s unknown after that Aftermath episode if Aneesa and Jisela are still good friends like they were said to be during the All Stars episode. However, with social media posts, Aneesa still hosting The Challenge podcast, and an All Stars reunion coming in a few weeks, there may be some more details on the way.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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