Who went home on The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7? Last elimination arrives before TJ’s final

the challenge all stars cast in episode 7
The Challenge: All Stars competitors were even closer to the final in Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

To kick off The Challenge: All Stars Episode 7, competitors returned home from elimination with Mark Long wearing his Godfather crown as he celebrated his elimination win. He mentioned any beef he had with Kendal Sheppard is now squashed, and he’d love to run a final with her.

Derrick Kosinski talked about not winning a Challenge championship since 2008 and how he needs a big win to feel good about himself on All Stars. Nehemiah Clark seemed to feel safe in the house after not doing a Challenge in 10 years.

Kendal talked to Jonna Mannion and was upset she sent someone home. Jonna admitted she’s impressed and intimidated by Kendal’s performance.

Jisela Delgado and Aneesa Ferreira’s friendship was under the spotlight. Aneesa said back home they Facetime and talk all the time as close friends. Jisela said they first met on Battle of the Sexes and have been good friends ever since. Jisela says Aneesa is someone she “definitely trusts.”

Rib Cage Pass features competitors on moving semi-truck

The cast arrived at the daily challenge site looking for host TJ Lavin. He arrived on a semi-truck honking its horn. Once on the ground, he informed everyone that today they’d compete individually.

Competitors had to jump from beam to beam on the side of the moving truck to grab a ball, then jump across to put it into a net. They had to do this four times before time expired.

The man and woman to place the most balls in nets the fastest time would win. The worst-performing man and woman would automatically go into elimination. TJ told them winning was a big deal because they’re all closer to the final than they think.

The first heat featured Jisela and Aneesa. Both women struggled to perform well. They ended up setting the bar pretty low from the start. Meanwhile, another heat featured Derrick vs. Nehemiah, with Derrick getting three balls to set the bar high for the men.

In another heat, KellyAnne Judd goes against Jonna Mannion. Jonna got stuck hanging on a beam, while KellyAnne managed to get one ball into the net. She’s the only female competitor to do so. Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Yes Duffy start off pretty well, and it ends up 2-2.

In the final round, Mark Long goes against Kendal Sheppard. Mark got four balls to win it for the guys, while Kendal got zero. TJ announced that Jisela and Big Easy were the worst performers of the day and going into elimination. Then he revealed that Mark and KellyAnne won today’s challenge, so both were safe from elimination. They’re also both automatically in the final.

Intense deliberation with a deciding vote

At deliberation, Aneesa announced to the voting cast members something Jisela suggested earlier. She told everyone that Jisela believed they should send in someone who hadn’t been in yet. Derrick added Jisela also said he and Alton shouldn’t go into elimination. That left Darrell or Yes.

Nehemiah spoke up, and voted for Yes to go in because he’s known Darrell longer and just met Yes recently.

Yes gave a speech saying he has no alliances and doesn’t shake hands with people. He said when he wakes up and has coffee or makes breakfast with them, that’s the alliance of the day.

“It’s not what we did 10 years ago hanging out. It’s about what we did this morning, and hopefully, I was able to meet you and build a friendship that lasts,” Yes told the castmates at deliberation.

The voting goes down, with it becoming a 3-3 tie between Yes and Nehemiah. Aneesa is the final vote, and it seemed Yes’ speech resonated with her. She voted for Nehemiah, which surprised him. In a confessional, he said he knew he couldn’t trust her.

cast members vote in the challenge all stars episode 7
Aneesa Ferreira became the deciding vote at The Challenge: All Stars deliberation. Pic credit: Paramount+

“The game is just now getting good. Real good,” Darrell said in his confessional.

During the cast’s time out at the bar, Jisela and Jemmye talked about Aneesa’s surprising move. Jisela suggested that Aneesa always does this on the show where she pretends she won’t vote a certain way, then does it anyhow.

Big Easy and Nehemiah had some banter. Nehemiah told Big Easy he isn’t worried about him, and Big Easy reminded him “who sent his a** home in The Duel” season.

Jisela and Mark Long talked about things. Jisela said she believed Nehemiah would pick Aneesa at elimination, so he’d take her with him if he lost. Jisela also said, “best friend is out the window” for Aneesa.

Aneesa and Jisela talk, with Jisela accusing her of backstabbing. Aneesa said she could count on one hand how many times that’s happened in 20 years. Later, Aneesa got emotional talking to Jemmye and Jonna about the situation.

Last All Stars elimination at The Arena is Ring Cling

At The Arena, TJ told the competitors this is the last elimination of the season. Once it’s over, everyone left standing is in the final. Jisela and Big Easy joined TJ on the ground. Their opponent Nehemiah joined them and selected Kendal as his teammate.

Yes said in confessional he was surprised by Nehemiah saying earlier people shouldn’t have to go back in elimination if they’d already been there, but then he chose Kendal to go in a third time. Aneesa started to cry and Darrell asked her what’s up. She told him it’s been 10 years since she has been to a final.

The elimination event is Ring Cling and featured two nine-foot poles. Each pole had ten rings on them attached to chains. There was also a large wall for each team on the sides of the arena with pegs on it.

The objective was for the team to get the rings off their pole as fast as possible. Then, they had to use the rings to build a ladder on the wall, climb up, and ring a bell at the top. The first team to do that would win and go to the final, while the losing team goes home.

ring cling elimination setup from the challenge all stars episode 7
A look at The Challenge: All Stars Ring Cling elimination at The Arena. Pic credit: Paramount+

The two teams moved quickly with their poles, but Big Easy and Jisela jumped out to a lead. However, Jisela hurt her knee and was down on the ground in pain near the pole. Big Easy continued on his own with Jisela swearing about her knee. In confessional she admitted she had unbearable pain. She crawled over to the wall with Big Easy and then got to her feet.

Building the ladder was difficult for Nehemiah and Kendal, but Big Easy did very well building one. They started the climb. Nehemiah slipped on the climb towards the top but started up quickly. However, Big Easy soon rang the bell to get the win.

In their exit interviews, Kendal and Nehemiah talk about the “burn” of getting eliminated just before the final. Big Easy talked about how he and Jisela are ready to get to work and compete for half a million dollars. Competitors gave Kendal props for doing so well on All Stars as she said goodbye.

TJ told everyone to go get some rest, because the final is on the way.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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