Derrick Kosinski of The Challenge reveals his rivalry with All Stars castmate nearly got physical at one moment

derrick kosinski during the challenge all stars episode
Derrick Kosinski said he had a rivalry going with one of his All Stars castmates during the season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars features several former champions from the past seasons of MTV’s reality competition show, some of whom have multiple championships.

Derrick Kosinski is among those OG competitors, as he won on three seasons of The Challenge during his heyday. That definitely would make him a target for others in the All Stars cast to try to take out or size up.

During a recent interview, Derrick mentioned that he had a particular feud or rivarly going with one of his castmates, and it nearly turned physical at one point during the season.

Derrick Koskinski brings up intense Challenge: All Stars rivalry

While appearing on US Weekly’s Watch With Us: Challenge Edition, Derrick was asked if he butted heads with anyone in the house since it’s no secret that feuds heat up during the competition.

Derrick said that something was going on throughout The Challenge: All Stars season involving him and one of his castmates. In fact, he shared there was one moment, which he’s not sure if viewers will get to see, where things got rather intense.

“I think that me and Nehemiah had a little, a friendly rivalry that had the makings of possibly tilting in the other direction,” he said around 20 minutes into the US Weekly podcast interview.

He added that it was a sort of “who’s better than who” type of rivalry they had going on throughout the spinoff season.

Derrick went on to say he thought All Stars Episode 5 might feature some of their rivalry in more detail. However, there was just one moment really where the two competitors threw votes at one another during deliberation. Derrick said he didn’t want to spoil anything but brought up one particular incident.

“There was a moment where you know he kind of got in my face and I didn’t know what the energy was. And I don’t know what the intent was, but I end up calling him out and telling him to come outside, and ‘Let’s do it like they do it in the old days. Let’s go in the backyard. I’ll meet ya behind the house,'” Derrick revealed on the podcast.

“It was almost like he was poking the lion to see if it still roars,” Derrick said of how he felt Nehemiah might have been acting towards him. He went on to say he wasn’t going to say much more since he thinks it could be featured in an upcoming episode.

OGs showing they could still compete on MTV’s The Challenge

Many of the OG competitors on Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff have been proving they still have what it takes to compete in the updated format of MTV’s competition series. That includes Derrick and Nehemiah.

Derrick, now 37, is a three-time Challenge champion, having won on The Inferno III, The Island, and The Ruins seasons. The 35-year-old Nehemiah holds a win on The Gauntlet III season of The Challenge.

Based on their resumes and the fact they’re still relatively young, it seems both guys could be competitors on the regular season of MTV’s show. Derrick last appeared on 2017’s Dirty 30 season, where he made the final, while Nehemiah last appeared on the Rivals III season in 2011.

Viewers may remember during The Challenge: Dirty 30 that an incident occurred where Nelson Thomas was sent home from the show after getting into it with Derrick and hitting him in the face. So Derrick is no stranger to intense altercations with castmates during heated moments.

If Derrick and Nehemiah are cast on a future season together, they may want to consider putting their differences aside to form a strong alliance as OGs. However, when there’s big prize money on the line, eliminating major threats also becomes a key strategy for most competitors.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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