Nelson Thomas reacts to Double Agents Episode 8 elimination, opens up about ex Angela Babicz

nelson thomas on the challenge double agents episode 8 elimination
Nelson Thomas during The Challenge: Double Agents elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents star Nelson Thomas has been catching up on episodes of the show as they air on MTV.

During a recent live video session, he talked about Episode 8 of the show, including the recent elimination, which some fans called extremely embarrassing for one of the competitors.

Nelson also addressed a fan question about his ex-girlfriend Angela Babicz and how he feels about her now.

Nelson speaks on recent elimination, compares it to one of his

For his latest season of The Challenge, Nelson Thomas made it four episodes deep before he ran into supposed friend and ally, Fessy Shafaat, in a Hall Brawl. The former college football player defeated Nelson in the physical event, sending him home.

In Episode 8 of Double Agents, Nelson and other viewers watched as rookie Mechie Harris went into his first elimination against four-time Challenge competitor Josh Martinez. The two competed in the Asset Destruction event, seen several episodes before when Aneesa Ferreira won against Tori Deal.

The way it was shown on TV, Josh quickly solved the puzzle beforehand but then struggled quite a bit when throwing weighted balls at the targets on his wall. The footage was edited to make it look really embarrassing for Josh and gave those viewers who aren’t his fans plenty to laugh about. Josh ended up winning in the end.

However, Nelson said during his recent live video, it wasn’t the most embarrassing elimination. He felt the one involving himself and pal Cory Wharton was.

“As much as I love Cory and myself, I can’t lie to y’all. Josh and Mechie’s wasn’t as embarrassing as Cory and I, trust me.” Nelson said.

Nelson went on to say that Josh’s performance was still embarrassing as he expected him to pull those weighted balls over and easily smash all the targets. 

“Josh is a strong dude. He’s a very competitive guy. Is he the most athletic guy? I guess we’ll find out in future challenges,” he added.

As far as the elimination Nelson referred to, he’s talking about his battle with Cory on the Invasion of the Champions season. The two competed in Balls of Fire (video below).

The event involved one competitor kicking a flaming ball from one side of the playing area to try to score a goal. The other competitor was playing goalkeeper on the opposing side.

It got embarrassing as Nelson’s kicks were weak and veered to the side rather than straight towards the goal. It makes for a comparison with how Josh’s throwing looked when he couldn’t break targets with weighted balls in Asset Destruction 2.

Nelson addresses ex Angela Babicz

During his live video Q&A with fans, someone also asked Nelson what he thinks about Angela Babicz and her new relationship.

“Angela, she’s doing her thing. She’s happy. She’s with a different guy. Her and I, we rode our roller coaster. Unfortunately, we weren’t meant to be together, but I wish the best for her. She’s a great woman. She’s a beautiful woman,” Nelson shared.

He said while a lot of people have “bad intentions” or “bad perspectives” about Angela, “is not a bad woman.” He added he’d be there for her if she called and still has love for her.

Nelson and Angela originally met during Ex on the Beach Season 2 in October 2018. The two had an on-and-off relationship of about a year and even appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2019. 

However, as of March 2020, Angela uploaded a video on her YouTube channel to end her silence on their breakup. She indicated she’d been working on herself more while “social distancing” and reading books about psychopaths and narcissists.

Now it seems Angela has moved on with a new man, and based on Nelson’s recent comments, he wishes nothing but the best for his ex in her new relationship. However, it’s unknown if Angela feels the same way towards Nelson or would be happy never to have any contact with him.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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