Who went home on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4? Competitor reveals injury, reacts to elimination

who went home on the challenge double agents episode 4 competitor reacts and reveals injury
Nam Vo, Aneesa Ferreira, and Fessy Shafaat on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The fourth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents brought a ton of drama, ranging from flirtations amongst castmates, a surprising mission winner, a few more in-house arguments, and friends blindsiding each other.

As with the first three episodes, there was another elimination event at The Crater. Once again, it was a guy’s elimination, too, due to another competitor going home with an injury.

However, one of the competitors also went into elimination with an injury, also suffered in the same mission as two other players. He spoke about seeing the episode and what all went down, including his feelings on how he was sent home.

Who went home on The Challenge: Double Agents?

During Double Agents’ fourth episode, the competitors had a tough time trying to complete the latest mission, which involved flying a drone around in a dark underground cave to find a secret code. That code was then used to unlock a puzzle.

Only one team won, as Devin Walker and Tori Deal emerged from the cave victorious, making them the day’s Double Agents with the power to send a team into elimination.

The house ended up voting to send in the team of Nelson Thomas and Amber M, which may have been due to an assumption there might be a girl’s elimination.

There wasn’t, as TJ informed Mechie Harris earlier in the episode that teammate Liv Jawanda was medically disqualified and sent home. That was due to her injury suffered during the previous episode’s mission on top of the speeding Mack truck.

It meant Nelson was facing another guy in elimination, and it truly surprised him and others when Tori and Devin both said that Fessy Shafaat and Aneesa Ferreira were going into elimination.

It was already revealed to be Hall Brawl. Nelson put up a good fight and nearly won the first round, but was broken down due to facing a man of Fessy’s size. Once again, he found himself coming up short in Hall Brawl and sent home from The Challenge.

Meanwhile, Fessy earned a Gold Skull and then pulled another surprise move, trading his partner Aneesa for Kaycee Clark.

Nelson reveals injury going into the elimination

Nelson’s Hall Brawl on Double Agents was his second appearance in that particular event in two seasons. He lost against Rogan O’Connor last season, aka Total Madness. That was when Nelson sacrificed himself to keep Cory Wharton safe from elimination.

As the latest Double Agents episode was airing, Nelson took to Twitter to share some thoughts about seeing the show. He also did a live video chat after the show, on his private Instagram account.

It was an emotional viewing for Nelson based on seeing the way things unfolded and of course, seeing himself get sent home.

In one of his tweets, he also revealed that he had an injury he was dealing with heading into elimination. He dislocated his finger when wrestling with Leroy Garrett on top of the speeding Mack truck in Episode 3. This was not disclosed during Episode 4, though.

During Nelson’s IG Live chat, he mentioned not wanting to tell anyone about his injury since competitors fear they’ll be sent home. He said he told Cory and Fessy about it, so they knew about the injury.

Nelson reacts to elimination, comments on Fessy

Nelson said when he got into The Crater with TJ for elimination, he thought it would be him against Josh Martinez. He said he knew for a fact he “can beat this guy,” but when Tori said Fessy’s name, he knew he was “f****d.” Nelson said he realized then Tori and Fessy were working together, and nobody else had realized it.

Nelson admits he was surprised Fessy would send himself in against him after the loyalty that Cory and Nelson showed Fessy last season. They talked about traveling together and living together. So he felt they were boys and had each other’s backs.

“At this moment, I didn’t want to be in the game,” Nelson said because his mental state was thrown off due to Fessy going in against him.

“My head was not in the game people,” Nelson admitted due to the circumstances of the elimination.

Nelson also mentioned that Fessy knew he had a dislocated finger and then brought up how Fessy still played dirty in the Hall Brawl.

“I’m thinking wow this is a repeat from f*****g Rogan,” he said after seeing his elimination, realizing he could have beat Fessy because it was close in the first round. However, once he’d lost that first round and then the collision happened in the second round, Nelson said he was broken down.

After the Hall Brawl was over, viewers saw Fessy attempt to hug Nelson, but Nelson pushed him away, wanting nothing to do with him.

He also mentioned that Fessy tried to contact him via text message about a month after the show to say he was sorry and wish him a Happy Birthday. However, Nelson didn’t respond to it due to still having all the emotions over what went down. So this may be something that gets further treatment on the reunion show.

Hear more of Nelson’s thoughts on his official Instagram Live chat video. Also hear him as the special guest on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast episode with Aneesa and Tori, and check him out on the Aftermath episode below, discussing all the events of Episode 4.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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