The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4 recap – Latest elimination and Gold Skull winner

the challenge double agents episode 4 recap elimination and gold skull winner
The Challenge: Double Agents competitors await the next elimination event at The Crater. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4 featured new teams competing in the next mission, a player sent home early, and another elimination event to hand out a Gold Skull.

Early on, players were questioning loyalties amongst one another. Fessy says he’s enjoying being able to get to know Tori, as he admitted in a confessional that he hadn’t had the chance to talk to her much during his rookie season on Total Madness.

Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett talk about not quite trusting Aneesa Ferreira and Fessy Shafaat, with Theresa telling Jay she thinks they might come after them.

In a nighttime argument, Devin Walker is hanging out with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Kyle Christie, and Amber M. He eventually got annoyed with Amber being there and told her to leave, but she wouldn’t, so Devin left.

The next morning, Amber tells Nelson Thomas and Cory Wharton about Devin, which prompts Nelson to go wake up Devin to confront him. Devin said he didn’t want to talk right now and dismissed an irritated Nelson.

Devin admitted in a confessional interview he felt Amber was manipulating guys against him, so he would try to get her out.

Competitors battle in Drone Control mission

The teams compete in Drone Control, where they have to navigate a drone through underground lava tunnels to obtain a secret code. One team member controls the drone, while the other wear VR goggles to help them find their way around.

Just like Nicole Zanatta suffered an injury in the third episode, so did Liv Jawanda. Ahead of the latest mission, TJ Lavin tells Mechie Harris that his partner is medically disqualified and got sent home. That means Mechie won’t compete in the daily mission. He also is a Rogue Agent and will await the next elimination to get his new partner.

Pretty much all the teams fail at the mission. However, Devin and Tori were the first and only team to complete it. That brings a smug look to Devin’s face, who later says he “went from zero to hero” after winning elimination and now a mission.

Strategies unfold, house deliberation takes place

Tori meets with Aneesa about sending in someone weak so she can go in and earn her Gold Skull. Devin meets with CT to talk about the people he’s trying to get rid of. They include Darrell Taylor, Amber Borzotra, Josh Martinez, and Kaycee Clark.

During the night out for the competitors, Fessy starts flirting with Gabby Allen. He says in another confessional interview that since Tori has someone back home, he won’t disrespect that.

Later on, Tori tells Josh about Devin wanting to throw him into elimination because he doesn’t like him. Josh says he doesn’t like Devin either.

Later on, Josh talks to Kaycee and Jay. He asks Jay if he’s cool with Devin. Jay says not like he’s cool with him (Josh). Josh tells Jay that he doesn’t like the energy he’s getting from him. They get into a bit of an argument over that, with Kaycee trying to convince Josh they can trust Jay.

At deliberation, some competitors say they think it will be another men’s elimination because another female got sent home. However, Aneesa says the way the game is going, you never know.

The house majority vote goes to Nelson Thomas and Amber M. Devin and Tori see all the competitors who voted that way and decide on what to do. Tori really wants her Gold Skull.

Who went home on Double Agents tonight?

The competitors arrive at The Crater site and see it will be Hall Brawl tonight. Nelson and Amber join TJ down on the grounds. TJ asks if Devin and Tori want to compete. Tori asks TJ to clarify if it will be a girl’s elimination, but TJ says they need to be prepared for anything as agents.

Devin tells Tori they need to pass, and she’ll get her Gold Skull later. Instead, they send in Fessy and Aneesa, which surprises everyone. Josh is upset and begs for Tori to send him down.

TJ announces it will be a guy’s elimination tonight, so the ladies step to the side. In Hall Brawl, Fessy starts playing dirty as he and Nelson collide in the first round. He is on top of Nelson pushing him down into the dirt.

Nelson puts up a good fight, but Fessy eventually wins two rounds and earns his Gold Skull. Nelson is upset about his friend sending him in and pushes Fessy away when he goes for a hug. Fessy admits he was doing what’s best for himself to win a million dollars.

Fessy then makes another surprising move, as he steals Kaycee as his new partner instead of Aneesa. Leroy opts to take Aneesa as his new partner, so Mechie gets partnered up with Amber M.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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