Josh from The Challenge reacts to seeing his blowup on Double Agents episode

josh from the challenge reacts to his blowup on double agents episode
Former Big Brother stars Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez during The Challenge: Double Agents episode. Pic credit: MTV

Former Big Brother star Josh Martinez was involved in one of the more dramatic moments of The Challenge: Double Agents season so far.

What started as Josh trying to defend his fellow BB costar ended up becoming a major outburst involving Josh and a few other castmates with security having to get involved.

Now that he’s seen the footage, Josh is speaking out about how he saw himself on the episode, saying he’s “embarrassed” by what went down.

Josh confronted CT about Kaycee argument

With Double Agents, a Big Brother alliance is part of the game due to the fact four players from the CBS show are on the latest season of The Challenge. Along with Josh, there’s rookie Amber Borzotra and fellow competitors, Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark.

In the third episode of the season, Kaycee got into a minor argument with Chris “CT” Tamburello over making a frozen pizza in the kitchen. Josh caught wind of them arguing and decided to get involved, as he felt he needed to stick up for his BB friend.

That led to Josh going outside to confront CT, but The Challenge vet told Josh to basically leave it alone. However, things escalated after Josh told CT that Kaycee was crying. When CT went to check on her and apologize, she said she hadn’t been crying. That led to CT calling out Josh for that lie.


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It continued to get more heated as Josh and CT began to raise their voices. Ultimately, CT’s teammate on Double Agents, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley calmed him down. However, Devin Walker decided to do some instigating and yelled out “Big Brother sucks!”

It all continued to snowball from there with Josh yelling at Devin and threatening to lay him out. Security got involved to make sure things didn’t become physical. Still, it was a dramatic moment and MTV even added in Whitney Houston’s classic song, So Emotional, as the background music.

It took a number of castmates to try to calm Josh down, as he even punched a wall on The Challenge house. However, no physical altercations took place. Basically, it was an alcohol-fueled situation involving several of the castmates, with Josh becoming highly emotional and then Devin egging him on even more.

Josh says he’s ’embarrassed’ by what he saw

Now that The Challenge: Double Agents stars are getting to watch the season as it’s presented, they’re seeing things they may not want to that the cameras caught. That includes Josh Martinez, who recently reacted to his emotional tirade on the third episode.

An Instagram account called @thechallengeoverdose captured Josh’s various Twitter remarks, as well as some support that a few of his fellow castmates showed him.

“Catching up on tonight’s episode and I’m embarrassed and feel bad about the whole thing,” Josh wrote on his tweet after seeing the outburst on TV.

“To be honest having to relive and watch this szn is going to be hard for me. I was in a bad place mentally and I let my temper get the best of me. I’m not perfect just trying to do better,” he added.

That brought Double Agents castmates Darrell Taylor and Tori Deal in to show some love and support for Josh.

“Don’t sweat it when the LIQ is involved brotha,” Darrell replied to his castmate.

Tori replied that she loved Josh, prompting a fan to ask “why?”

“Cause he has a heart of gold that 1 hour of tv doesn’t she enough light on,” Tori replied.


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It seems so far that there is a lot of unaired footage that stars of The Challenge are mentioning, which further illustrates how much editing is done to trim the show. One example is that there is talk of a romance involving Amber M and Mechie Harris on the show, but it hasn’t really been shown.

Meanwhile, based on Josh’s tweet, there appears there may be more to come in terms of his emotional outbursts or dramatic incidents. Just based on the upcoming trailer for the next episode, fans may see more of that in the near future.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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