Kaycee Clark revealed Big Brother alliance for The Challenge: Double Agents

kaycee clark reveals big brother alliance heading into the challenge double agents
Former Big Brother star Kaycee Clark is back to compete on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

When it comes to competing on The Challenge, having numbers in your favor can make a big difference. It typically helps players advance farther in the game if they’re able to build a strong alliance to be able to make power moves and stay safe from multiple eliminations.

In the upcoming Double Agents season, it looks like many competitors are prepared with alliances from the start including some from one of the other big reality TV shows.

Returning competitor Kaycee Clark revealed what could be a powerful Big Brother alliance heading into The Challenge: Double Agents season premiere.

Kaycee talks about her alliance for Double Agents

Quite a bit of insight into the competitors arrived during The Challenge: Double Agents Declassified special this past Monday, December 7. There was some background intel giving on the new competitors like former WWE star Lio Rush, Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, and Ultimate Beastmaster Nam Vo.

Viewers also saw the return of several former Big Brother stars to the show including Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez. The duo was shown in a clip during the Declassified special joking around and talking about their gameplan a bit.

During a confessional interview, Josh spoke about how his anger and emotions have got the best of him during previous seasons, so he’ll need to keep that in check.

Meanwhile, Kaycee is returning to The Challenge after making it to the Total Madness final last season. So now she’ll look to go one step further on Season 36.


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During the Declassified special, she brought up how she’ll have at least four people to work with on Double Agents, thanks to the Big Brother alliance. They’ll be Josh, Fessy Shafaat, and rookie Amber Borzotra. Three of them have been there before, and now they may have a strong advantage in this competition.

“The Challengers think that Big Brother players are just liars, manipulators, backstabbers, cheaters. I’m feeling good because I am in the Big Brother alliance,” Kaycee said as part of a confessional interview on Declassified.

We have myself, Josh, Fessy, Amber B, and just try to keep the group together, because I know the importance of us sticking together as much as possible to make it to the end,” she added.

Others may work with Kaycee and BB alliance

Based on some of the other clips and interviews, there could be some others to watch for when it comes to the Big Brother players’ alliance. For example, it’s no secret that Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas said they were working with Fessy in their alliance and that Josh would follow suit. So they may be associated with that Big Brother alliance, or not.

During the special, Nany Gonzalez spoke about being back for her 10th Challenge and having Kaycee and Josh there with her. So she definitely could team up with the Big Brother stars too.

In addition, four-time winner Darrell Taylor is back and during a recent exclusive interview, said he trusted Leroy Garrett but also was liking the Big Brother stars in the game. He alluded to them during the Declassified special, saying, “Let me tell you about these Big Brother cats. They don’t give a f**k.”

“They’re very good at smiling in your face. They’re being really nice to me, but we’ll see. Time will only tell, but these Big Brother people don’t play,” he added during a confessional interview on the special.

That seems to be a different take than seven-time winner Johnny Bananas gave in a previous podcast interview, where he talked about why Big Brother stars might not be so great at The Challenge. As Darrell said, time will only tell how far the Big Brother alliance can go on Double Agents!

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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